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- we offer two types of packages: BASIC (for Jobspin.cz) and advantageous JOB EXPORT PACKAGE for Jobspin.cz and 5 partner portals for foreigners in the Czech Republic: Prague.tvThe Prague Monitor, Jobsin.czPragueConnect.cz and ManSprichtDeutsch.cz (German language jobs). We will also cover social media for you.

Use Our Resume Database 

- browse hundreds of up-to-date CVs of candidates interested in working in the Czech Republic and bookmark the right candidates for interviews. The database is open to all users who have bought job advertising. The entry to resume database is valid until your latest job listing expires. Our database is regularly updated.

Promote Your Business - Banners

- you can choose from a variety of banners for affordable prices. We can post a PR article or add your logo in the right place. With more than 5 main visitors' pages and article pages is simple to satisfy every client's needs. Contact us and we will find the best option for you. Please, use the contact form below or E-mail info@jobspin.cz.

Create a Profile of Your Company

- let the candidates know who is hiring in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Present your company's culture, values, and core concepts. A short text about your company with actual jobs automatically appear in the list on candidates' page and by every job you post. Contact us for more visibility of your company.

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Available packages




1 ad / 30 days
340 CZK

3 ads / 30 days
850 CZK

1 or 3 job postings on Jobspin.cz for 30 days
Short company's overview with current jobs
accessible from homepage
Resume database access
Social media job posting




1 ad / 30 days
550 CZK

3 ads / 30 days
1375 CZK

1 or 3 job postings on Jobspin.cz for 30 days
Advantageous job export
to Prague.tv media network

Short company's overview with current jobs
accessible from homepage
Resume database access
Social media job posting

For higher volumes



10 ads / 30 days
3400 CZK

Professional job posting
in higher volumes

10 job postings on Jobspin.cz for 30 days
Automatic export of 10 job ads
to Prague.tv media network
Short company's overview with current jobs
accessible from homepage
Resume database access

Social media job posting
Contact us for advertising in higher volumes.

Get a Greater Audience and Save Money!

Have your job ads automatically displayed on the most important media
for foreigners in the Czech Republic with our export packages - reach 1000's of candidates daily.

1 ad - Jobspin.cz + 5 Prague.tv portals = 550 CZK (<590 CZK separately)
3 ads - Jobspin.cz + 5 Prague.tv portals = 1375 CZK (<1600 CZK separately)

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Job exports in cooperation with Prague.tv.
In order to advertise in higher volumes in long periods, please contact us so that we can find the best option for you.
Contact us for a professional Company page featured on our homepage. Visit our sample showcase page.


Post job openings with Jobspin.cz

Jobspin.cz successfully targets foreigners and multilingual people in the Czech Republic

We efficiently cover advertising on social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, VK, and Twitter).
Our groups on Facebook Jobs for foreigners Czech Republic, Prague Job trade/Freelancers, IT jobs Czech Republic, and some others have more than 8000 members.
We use various media to target the right audience: students‘ organizations, media focusing on students/graduates, partner organizations in the filed of services for foreigners, job fairs, widgets at partner websites etc.
Your ads go online instantly.

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Social media - job sharing by Jobspin.cz

In the beginning, we asked ourselves - how can we let know people - expats and people who are considering moving in the Czech Republic - that we have a great place for them to seek jobs. Social media turned out to be a great answer. Especially Facebook with its groups and LinkedIn provide very powerful platforms for communication with candidates. Social media not only help us to cover hard-to find groups such as people only thinking about going to the Czech Republic, but also people who are not actively seeking jobs - people who have a stable job and only like to keep updated in case that their dream job is waiting around the corner.

When we share jobs on social networks, we always respect the style and use text of the original job ads.


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For example, display only internships in Prague or IT jobs in Brno.


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