We’re  representing an ultra high growth, purpose driven, global company, that is focused on significantly impacting the Energy Trilemma by providing an emergent order of affordable, reliable and clean energy.

Their complete design solution transforms the fragile and expensive energy system, by providing an enabling platform for the broader energy ecosystem, driving a more competitive market, by opening it up to a greater mix of producers and service providers, delivering optimal solutions to consumers.

We’ve been engaged exclusively, to help find highly experienced and talented Engineers from Central Europe,  who would be willing to relocate to their office in Edinburgh, UK  to work as Principal Engineers (either on a fixed term basis as a contractor or on a permanent contract), in the following areas:

Control Systems Design

Electrical Engineering

Power Transition Network Analysis

Performance & Systems Analysis

Grid Control

Field Service


Embedded Systems


Device Control

You can expect a competitive salary (potentially up to £60-80,000 per year) plus relocation support and an excellent range of benefits.

You’ll thrive if you love the energy, intensity and excitement of a fast-growing company that is at the forefront of modern technology, in a sector undergoing a significant transition.

To learn more about any of these roles in which you can really create an impact, call me today on +420 727820760 or email me on paul@peoplematter.cz

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