Imagine You’re A Great Recruiter!

You’re able to write a compelling advert about a career opportunity, without using superlatives such as ‘Amazing’, ‘Excellent’, or my personal favourite….’Brilliant’. It’s clear to you that AIDA, whilst it has been around ‘like, forever’, is still a great way to construct your advert, which is why you’ll probably think this is a load of crap. You can tell a story and take people (people not candidates) on a journey with you.

You know your business inside out, so much so, you could be mistaken for a specialist in your industry. You’re so in touch with your target audience, you know where they hang out, which social networks they’re in and what industry groups and events they take part in, and you’re so knowledgeable about the industry and the roles you recruit to, people actually want to talk with you even though you are a recruiter!

You like to do things properly, like holding a hiring manager hostage in a vacancy briefing until you know everything you need to know to make sure your search is successful.

In addition, you drive the hiring process, making agreements on strategy, timelines, process and feedback on every role before you start. The whole hiring team knows what to expect and everyone plays their part because they know you’re going to hunt them down the very second there’s a delay!

You’re a candidate’s dream, you actually show an interest in them, you get to know them, you even know the name of their pet goldfish – Terry, and you not only focused on whether they could be the best match for the role, you also consider their needs and whether the company, team and role is a match for them. You communicate regularly, even if it’s just to let them know you’re waiting for feedback (imagine that)!

You’ve embraced technology, you appreciate the benefits it can bring to sourcing and process automation but ultimately, you know your skills can’t be replaced, you’re intuitive, you listen, show empathy and have that rare skill – gut feel!

Your sense of adventure means you’re open to an international role with a decent amount of travel and a base in one of the best cities for living standards in Europe – Prague.

You’re quite different from those other kids nowadays, you don’t need a home office or a massive amount of flexitime (although some is a nice to have). A fair share of holidays, incentives and benefits along with investment in your personal development is important and you’re willing to work hard and earn your rewards, you don’t feel entitled.

Finally, you speak multiple languages, but Italian and Spanish are your two most fluent (if you’re one of a really rare breed that speaks German you’re hired…..okay, not that easy)!

If you’ve read this all the way through, then you either just wanted to kill a few minutes of your time and escape from the boredom of your everyday reality, or you’re thinking this is soooooo me!

If it’s the latter, call me today on +420 727820760 or email me on paul@peoplematter.cz,
a subtle hint….., I prefer to talk!

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