We need to collect native spoken language recordings for language research. You will be asked to record 1050 short sentences, each with a length of about 6-10s. All sentences are written in conversational format. You can do it at home with your smartphone or tablet. You have to be a native speaker of the corresponding country with standard pronunciation (official tone) to be qualified for this job.

The following languages are needed, prices are listed :

1. Greek     Official (Greece)  Greek Tone      No dialect, or Cyprus tone    €40 for 1050 sentences,  €15 for 550 sentences

2. Portuguese     Official (Portugal)  Portuguese Tone    No dialect, Brazil, or Africa tone   €77 for 1050 sentences,  €35 for 550 sentences

3. Bulgarian   Official (Bulgaria) Bulgarian Tone     No dialect tone      €40 for 1050 sentences,  €15 for 550 sentences

4. Dutch   Official Dutch Tone (Netherlands)   No dialect, Caribisch Netherlands, or American tone   €65 for 1050 sentences,€30 for 550 sentences

5. Czech     Official (Czech)    Czech Tone    No dialect tone     €45 for 1050 sentences,   €20 for 550 sentences

6. Slovenian   Official (Slovenia)  Slovenian Tone     No dialect tone    €75 for 1050 sentences,   €35 for 550 sentences

7. Swedish  Official (Sweden)  Swedish Tone   No dialect, or Finland tone   €90 for 1050 sentences,  €40 for 550 sentences


Payment structure:

There will be thousands of participants in this project. Due to the huge volume, we need to organize and verify each recording (in millions) in order to count the actual number of sentences. Our payment will be made once the accent is verified, the correctness of reading is checked, and the recording numbers are counted. Therefore, the payment shall be made in two months from the completion of the job.

Referral bonus

You are welcome to refer more friends to our project. Referral number and bonus will be made as follows:

Referral count
10x (multiple of 10)
note: referral bonus will be made once the required number of referees fully finished their job and got payment (1050/550 sentences recorded)

The referral bonus is tiered. It will be calculated according to the lower level if the number of referrals don’t meet the requirements of the upper level.

Each person can only record once. When the same person is repeatedly recommended, the first person who recommended him/her will get the referral bonus.

Scope of Work:

Native speaker voice recording
Finish 1050/550 sentences for the compensation listed above
Quiet environment for recording (<-50db);
A smartphone or a tablet (iPhone7 or newer generation, manufactured in last 3 years)

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