We are now accepting applications for the 2019 rotations of Civilians on the Battlefield!

This position is acting as a role-player to help the US military to prepare for overseas deployment. It is a wonderful opportunity to gain real military experience at the USAG in Hohenfels, Bayern (Germany). Rotations differ between 2-3 weeks in length and occur approximately once a month throughout the year.

Job Description: Extras/Role players can be allocated a variety of roles, anything from farmers, villages, mayors, police officers, extremists, shopkeepers, interpreters, etc… You will be given your script on arrival and allocated your role by the military. You will need to immerse yourself into the character you are given and each day, this will be the part you play.

Contract Type: Freelance
Hours: Mon – Sun (9 hours paid/1 hour unpaid lunch break) plus overtime (paid)

Role player Level 1 – 82.71euros/day
Role player/Interpreter Level 2 – 100euros/day
Supervisor (Level 3) – 110euros/day

Accommodation and food provided at no extra cost!

Travel: TBW Global provides coach pickups from a variety of different locations around Germany, in addition to Germany we also offer transport from Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

Job requirements:
• Be able to work in Germany as a freelancer/be able to pay/declare your own taxes following freelance work
• Speak a minimum of basic German

Please do apply via the following link:



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