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Read first: Order a package or select any from your previously bought packages and post jobs. If you buy a new package for the first time, we will ask you for your invoicing details at the last check-out page. The invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your email. European VAT number (DIČ) is required if you want to make order at If your company is based outside of EU, please send us an email to, we will help you with the process.

Privacy policy and terms and conditions: In compliance with the new EU The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we hereby state that the clients’ data are and have never been submitted to the third parties. The data you submit to us is used and stored exceptionally for job posting in order to introduce your job vacancies and company to the potential candidates, for invoicing processes, and for contacting you and assisting you in case of need of maintenance of your account or job listings. You are always free to delete your account at Simply send us a message to For more information, please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY.

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