Seven Non-EU Nationals May Be Exempted from Work Permits in Czech Republic

From July, it’s expected that citizens from Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Britain, and the USA won’t require work permits or employment cards to work in the Czech Republic, based on a draft government regulation by the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry.

The amendment aims to streamline hiring processes, especially for high-skilled professionals, reducing administrative burdens for employers.

The ministry prioritized countries with low security risks and strong economies, intending to facilitate cooperation with skilled workers. These individuals typically hold senior or skilled positions and do not work illegally or seek asylum.

While agreements with most countries on the list exempt work permits, they’re underutilized. As of March, there were 9,271 employees from these countries, predominantly in highly skilled roles. They constitute a small fraction of foreign workers in the Czech Republic, totaling 817,940, with the UK, USA, and South Korea having the highest representation.

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