Program: Welcome to the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair in Brno! October 5th, 2024

We are excited to invite you to the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair in Brno, a comprehensive event designed to support job seekers and expats in their career journey and relocation process in the Czech Republic. Our fair offers a unique opportunity to connect with employers, gain valuable insights, and participate in enriching workshops and presentations.

Program will be regularly updated.


45 mins., capacity up to 100 attendees.

  • Hledám práci v Česku – co čekat a jak na to
    Speaker: Martina Neumannová, metodička kariérového poradenství Centra pro cizince JMK
    Discover essential information about employment in the Czech Republic: how to search for jobs, understand your rights and responsibilities, and what salary expectations you can have. The presentation will also cover cultural specifics of the Czech job market.
  • Presentation of Services for Foreigners Provided by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic 
    Speaker: Foreign Employment Specialist, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
    Learn about the services available for foreigners from EU countries and third countries provided by the Labor Office of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


Limited to 15 attendees per session.

  • Career Mapping: Practical Strategies for Success
    Speaker: Dan Murphy, Career Consultant, LinkedIn
    Duration: 45 minutes, in English
    Develop practical strategies to define your career goals, benchmark your skills, and network effectively. Create a personalized career map and action plan.
  • Showcasing Your Strengths to the World
    Speaker: Aneta Augustinová, Career Counsellor
    Duration: 45 minutes, in English
    Identify and communicate your key strengths and achievements to impress potential employers. Learn how to effectively showcase these attributes in any professional setting.
  • Interview Preparation for Foreign Candidates – Boost Confidence & Success
    Speaker: Ing. Zdeněk Bartoň, Ph.D.
    Duration: 30 minutes, in English
    Enhance your interview preparation with a focus on boosting confidence and success for foreign candidates in the job market.
  • Nechybujte v češtině. Typické chyby rusky mluvících v češtině a jak s nimi pryč.
    Speaker: Mgr. Eva Malenová, Ph.D., lektorka češtiny pro cizince
    Duration: 30 mins, in Czech
    Russian is your native language and you are learning Czech? Join me to find out if you are making some of the common mistakes. And let’s try to work on them together.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair in Brno. Prepare to explore new career opportunities, gain invaluable insights, and make meaningful connections. See you there!

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