Local leadership and hiring talent: Parimatch Tech sets up its office in the Czech Republic

The Ukrainian product company Parimatch Tech has been developing Gaming & Entertainment services used by millions of people in Europe, Asia, and Africa for almost 30 years.

In 2022, Parimatch Tech opened its office in Prague with the ambition to turn it into a major R&D centre for employing local talent. The company is convinced that entering the Czech market is a win-win case: the Ukrainian brand will gain priceless experience from the European technological community, and in turn will share its expertise in creating international products.

New office

Parimatch Tech had already set up its Cyprus office before the war broke out in Ukraine. After February 24th, the company decided not only to expand this representative office, but also to open another one in Prague.

Renata Karpenko, the company’s Head of Talent Acquisition, gives several reasons in support of this decision. First, the company has committed to expanding its presence in Europe, and the Czech Republic has turned out to be the best option: this country “connects” Ukraine with the EU and currently serves as a hub for the team. Secondly, the Czech Republic has an excellent product culture with its numerous technological start-ups and businesses, as well as engineers and other IT specialists. In addition, the country provides exceptional conditions for developing a product business in terms of talent and cooperation with other companies on the market.

“After all, the Czech Republic is simply a great place to live. It has a good climate, a lot of green areas, and the language and mentality are relatively close to Ukraine’s. The people we’re offering our new opportunities to find this important,” Renata Karpenko emphasised.

The lookout for professionals from all over the world

Over thirty people are currently working in the Czech office, and Parimatch Tech plans to expand this to 200 in the next year and a half. This is why the company encourages all local candidates (both technical and non-technical) to apply. “The Czech market boasts of highly qualified professionals. Such talent is sure to take our company to a whole new level,” said Renata Karpenko.


The company does not plan to hire exclusively local professionals, but will do its best to attract people from all over the world to its Czech office. Combining local and international talent will benefit both the company and the team.

To this end, Parimatch Tech has created a special relocation program for the Czech office. It is designed for Middle and above professionals and is available for the following positions: PHP Developer, Android Developer, IOS Developer, Python Developer, QA Automation Engineer, .NET Developer, Front End Developer, amongst others. 

The offer reception process has been made increasingly straightforward: you apply on the website, talk to a recruiter, and then pass a technical interview.

Parimatch Tech offers a sign-up bonus to all tech professionals who accept the offer by the end of 2022. Candidates from other countries will be provided with benefits and support during relocation. Moreover, the company will help at every stage of relocation – from preparing documents to providing Czech language courses. 

Call for leadership

A few months in the Czech Republic has introduced us to its highly competitive market where it is simply not enough to be “yet another IT company”. It calls for building a powerful brand with a clear mission and ambitions.

Parimatch Tech plans to focus on the development of the employer brand in order to become a household name in the next six months. The main tool for this is communication with the city, local residents, and businesses.

The company acknowledges the Czech Republic’s strong tech culture and significant potential for the IT industry. Therefore, the company’s strategy is to start merging into the local community, bringing leadership and thereby integrating into the market – both as a product company and an employer brand.

“We are already working on several joint projects with local companies, as well as an initiative with a large international business. Our goal is to become a part of the local community, bringing the Ukrainian drive to the table,” Renata Karpenko summarised. 

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