How To Work Legally In the Czech Republic In 2016?

Are you planning to move to the Czech Republic for work? Make sure you stay legal. Some of the rules regarding employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic have changed, and can be quite complicated.

Am I affected by the new rules?

Good news for all EU nationals as well as for citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland! If you are a citizen of these countries, you are still able to come to the Czech Republic and start working here without having to apply for a visa or work permit. The same applies for family members of citizens from these countries, holders of permanent residence permits and holders of Czech university diplomas. For other non-EU nationals, however, there are new rules regarding employment in the Czech Republic.

Do I need a work permit?

For those employed by the Czech entity:

An original work permit as a permit to work was replaced by an employee card in June 2014. Non-EU nationals therefore need to apply for an employee card instead of a work permit. Also, a visa for the purpose of employment and long-term residence permits for the purpose of employment are no longer issued. All is covered by an employee card that allows its holder both to reside and to work legally in the Czech Republic.

For those employed by the foreign entity:

If an employee of a non EU country is transferred to the Czech Republic to work, but remains employed by that company outside the Czech Republic, than he/she will be required to obtain both. A permit to work (work permit) and an employee card.

How to get an employee card?

An employee card is always issued for a specific job vacancy and most often for the duration of when you will be working in the Czech Republic for up to two years, with the possibility of extension. The most important document that you need to provide is therefore the working contract from your employer, who also needs to register the specific job vacancy at the Labour Office. You also need to provide a valid passport and prove that you have a place to stay in the Czech Republic.

How about the EU Blue card?

Highly-skilled workers from outside of the EU can still apply for the EU Blue card. The process for you is very similar to the process of obtaining an employee card. In addition, you also need to provide a validated university diploma and prove that your gross monthly or annual salary amounts to at least a 1.5 multiple of the gross monthly or annual salary in the Czech Republic.

Still not sure?

We can offer advice on work permits, employee cards, blue cards, diploma validations and much more. If you would like to discuss any related issues, please do not hesitate to contact Expat Care, relocation and immigration agency.


Written by Arseni Nesterov,

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