Professional Tips from an Expats Career Coach To Find A Job You Deserve, Part 2

In this part we will discuss sales and personal branding techniques. It is a continuation of the article “5 Professional Tips from an Expats Career Coach To Find A Job You Deserve, Part 1“…


They produce miracles in job hunting.

Don’t skip this part; I am not talking about cold calling. I wrote earlier that you need to plan smarter and try harder. Here is one of the recruitment sales techniques I applied to my own job hunt and later on, to my international career coaching. I call it INTERVIEW PIPELINES.

You need at least 5 interviews for 5 different positions happening SIMULTANEOUSLY, in order to have a 97% probability of getting a job. Here is what could statistically happen:


  • You are interviewing for 5 different roles at different interview stages. Because you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and you continue ameliorating your skills with each interview, your confidence level keeps getting higher.
  • Even if you get a rejection from one company, you simply learn what you could have done differently and move on. If you need a working visa sponsorship, that could be one reason for being rejected before, during, or even after the interview. Maybe you did not even like the company in the first place, so you actually feel pleased and not defeated.
  • Another job is put on hold or the company’s whole recruitment process is suddenly frozen and the job simply disappears. The hiring manager is calling you to say you were their perfect match and they will definitely keep you in mind for future opportunities. You are happy to keep in touch; nevertheless what you need at this stage is a job.
  • You get your 1st job offer. As you read the offer letter, your enthusiasm quickly evaporates. You are in a completely new country and strange things are happening. I would even say that the more interesting or developing the country, the more unbelievable things will start to happen. Maybe you are offered 50% of the previously discussed salary (this happened to me). Maybe you are asked to do things that will infringe on your integrity or simply scare you (also happened to me). Instead of taking this job, you feel comfortable enough to reject the offer or negotiate for more favourable conditions. Why?
  • Because you have just received two interesting job offers from the remaining companies. How to negotiate multiple job offers? It is a separate topic, but the bottom line is, you have something to pick and choose from. How beautiful is that! You can leverage the fact that you have 2-3 offers on the table, instead of one or zero. Enjoy!

This is one of my favourite models. I will never ask my clients: “Do you think you will get a job offer this week?”, instead we sit down, look at the pipelines, and discuss the next steps. You can do it on your own; every Monday, look at your interview pipelines and then plan what to do next.


  • ANYONE you meet can be your future employer or colleague.


This is so important, because the main part of your life now is networking. Upon arrival in the new country, you have probably arranged to meet your friends’ friends, head-hunters, or distant relatives. Here is a very easy to remember trick: treat each potential meeting as if it was an interview. Do your best, look your best, BE POSITIVE.

If it is your 3rd month of job searching with no results, you are probably sick of hearing the word POSITIVE. I can fully understand that, however people you have just met are not shoulders to cry on. Skype with an old friend or speak to your partner, whoever is always supportive for you; then put a smile on your face and go meet new people. If they perceive you as an optimistic and inspiring person (as you were back home), they will help you more than you think.

Especially in this digital age, jobs being more fluid than ever before, anyone can be your future boss, colleague, or can recommend you for a job that is not even advertised.

  • Rock the LinkedIn.

Even if you haven’t been very active on LinkedIn before, now is the time to become an All- Star (if you are one, LinkedIn will tell you that). It won’t happen in a matter of weeks, but it should be one of your priorities. In my career, I was headhunted twice via LinkedIn for what turned out to be my dream jobs. And on two different continents!

I hope this article can be a helpful guide during your amazing adventures in your new country.

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