First Chapter of Workshop Series “Working in the Czech Republic”

The first chapter of the new Workshop Series Working in the Czech Republic was written last Saturday (October 1, 2016) at the cafe The Spot. Find below the complete speakers’ presentations regarding EMPLOYEE CARDS and EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS.


Workshop Series: Working in the Czech Republic, October 1, 2016, cafe The Spot

add-button-inside-black-circle Employee Cards by PraguExpats

The issue of Employee Cards is no longer a mystery – PraguExpats explained the application process and its catches. A non-EU foreigner may work in the Czech Republic with a valid employee card. To be able to apply for the employee card you need to find yourself an employer and a job position.

You will have to submit in most cases these documents:

  • A travel document;
  • 2 photographs;
  • A completed form;
  • A document confirming the purpose of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic (contract with your employer, or contract of an intent of your future employer to hire you).
  • A document confirming the availability of accommodation for the period of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic:
    • An excerpt from the Penal register (criminal record, criminal history background);
    • A legalized and super-legalized or apostilled copy of your diploma or secondary school leaving certificate including transcripts;
    • Travel medical insurance.

Where to apply for EC:

  • The embassy in your country of origin;
  • Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior (if you are staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of a visa for a stay exceeding 90 days, or on the basis of a permanent residence permit issued for other purposes).

Employee card is issue for maximum 2 years.

A long-term visa (over 90 days) application can be filled at any Czech Embassy abroad, the application fee is usually 2.500 CZK (around EUR 93), and the application processing deadline is 90 days; but filing the application does not entitle you to stay legally in the Czech Republic.

The long stay visa can be issued for the following purposes:

  • Employment – work visa – you need a work permit or a green/blue social insurance card;
  • Business – establish a Czech company or arrange for the trade license;
  • Family reunification – family member or a spouse is legal in CZ or is an EU citizen;
  • Study – a document on enrollment to studies;
  • Sport;
  • Medical tourism;
  • Other.

A long term residence permit for employment purposes is in effect for all kinds of jobs issued for max. 2 years.

add-button-inside-black-circle Employment Contracts and Labor Law by EXPATLEGAL

Attorneys at law from EXPATLEGAL provided overall information about Czech Labor Law answering the tricky questions such as termination, prolongation of employment contracts, non-compete clause or the Schwarz-system (working on the border of labor and business law).

Before you sign an employment contract, you should know:

  • Selection of individuals with regard to qualification and necessary requirements is within the employer’s competence.
  • The employer may require only the data directly related to the conclusion of the present contract.
  • The employee should never been asked about their religion, sexual orientation, matrimonial status, number of children (This right is protected mainly by Anti-Discrimination Act).

One of the most important things mentioned was that the employee is always considered to be the more vulnerable part of the contract, so he/she is more protected by the Labor Code. For example, it is always the employer who will have to prove that they did not discriminate an employee (or a job-seeker) if the court trial is initiated. Another interesting issue was so called trial period – did you know that even a pregnant woman can be dismissed during the trial period at a new job?

Didn’t you make it to the workshop? No worries. The presenters decided to share their COMPLETE materials with all of you!

search-it-find-it-get-it-arrow-64 Click here for the presentation on EMPLOYEE CARDS

search-it-find-it-get-it-arrow-64 Click here for the presentation on LEGAL ASPECTS OF EMPLOYMENT IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC

In the end of the event, the attendants got the chance to meet and chat with the speakers biting on delicious sandwiches kindly provided by the cafe The Spot at Chodská 22, Prague Vinohrady, the event venue.

Thank you all for coming and the great experience of sharing knowledge.

We are happy to invite you to the next workshops where our experts will talk about setting up a business in the Czech Republic.

Let’s talk about trade license and the process of establishing a new business in the Czech Republic.

Free entry & free snacks.

Do not miss it! Come to “The Spot” November 12, 2016 and be part of this event.


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