Real Action of Finding a Job: Multilingual Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV

Many satisfied people were leaving Anglo-American University on Saturday afternoon. If you are wondering why… here is the reason – multilingual Job Fair powered by Prague.TV!

The next Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV takes place in April 2017 on campus of Anglo-American University. Register now!

About 700 visitors came for the Job Fair powered by Prague.TV to meet employers such as Amazon, Expedia, DHL, SAP, or Dorset Recruitment seeking to hire people with language skills.

When you are job searching, take some time to attend job fairs. They give you the opportunity to meet the hiring managers in person that you might not be able to access any other way. Plus, Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV offers networking programs, resume reviews, and workshops and seminars for job seekers. Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV – October 2016

In the morning, the job seekers could find out how to Create Career Success from Pepper de Callier, bestselling author of 3 books on leadership and personal development. Later, Recruiting Executives from CDK Global explained how to pursue a Career with More Colour. The last seminar was held by Paul Myers who was giving a lecture on What’s Wrong With Me? Why Don’t I Get Responses to My Job Applications?.

Paul Myers is an experienced recruiter and General Manager at People Matter. At the conference, he described general mistakes that are done by many while sending their job applications. Some of those mistakes are funny and not noticeable; however, they might play an important role in career development.

Let’s start with reasons why candidates don’t receive any response to their job application. Here is the list of three most common situations.

  • Application Responses – Imagine the time it takes just to send a template email message to 200 candidates who didn’t suit the criteria. Some of the big companies don’t have an automated system and their recruiters have to deal with this.
  • Some recruiters don’t like to tell bad news, according to the theory no news is better than bad news.
  • Sometimes, recruiters are too lazy to look at your CV. Let’s be honest, if your CV doesn’t have the right key words they don’t spend their time to look it through.

For some people it is hard to accept the truth of not getting a response, nevertheless there is no reason to panic. Paul gave useful advice on how to get noticed and get a call back.

  • Think twice before you send your job application to a company. Pay attention to details such as required skills, experience and to the actual job position’s description. For example, if a candidate sends a resume to the job offer that requires 5 years of experience as a senior IT manager, but he or she is a recent graduate, they won’t get a call back.
  • Key words play an important role, don’t forget about them. As it was mentioned previously, recruiters will not take a look at your CV if it doesn’t match what they are looking for.
  • Always write a cover letter, even if it is not required. You will gain a good chance to be noticed and get an offer for another job position. But, be careful, don’t send the same cover letter to everyone.

Every guest received an Exhibition Guide booklet including information about companies who came looking for the new employees (available for download below). People from all over the world took a chance to make the best first impression to their likely future employers – we heard French, German, Italian, Russian, and many other languages among the visitors.

Motivation, knowledge and real action of finding a job! This is what multilingual Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV was.

Thanks to the partners and exhibitors from Amazon, Accenture, DHL, CDK Global,, Brno Expat Centre, GoodCall, Icon Communication, Dorset Recruitment, Expedia, Medtronic, SAP, Prazsky Telegraf, Prague.TV and Anglo-American University!

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