72% Employees Are Happy at Work – Why?

 “The heart and soul of every great company is its people and the most successful organizations are those in which the passions of its employees match the guiding principles of the business.”

– Katty Bloomgarden, CEO of Ruden Finn

In 2014 the Adler Group together with LinkedIn asked around 18,000 employees in 26 countries about job satisfaction and motivation. Their survey discovered that 72% of workers were rather satisfied with their job position and work environment.

So, what does make them happy about their job?

  • Shared values

These values are invisible, you cannot find them in your employee contract or in a main hall hanged as a poster. It is about how co-workers speak to each other and treat their colleagues. If they know that they can get a support and not be afraid to express their ideas at meetings, they found a right place to work.

  • Clear expectations

No one likes to waste time on doing unnecessary staff, or simply doesn’t know what to do and what the goals of the project are. For this reason, it is very important to set up clear instructions by manager and what should be achieved in certain amount of time. It’s not about killing creativity; it’s about clear communication and progressive work. In this way, not only manager will be satisfied with a work well-done, but what is more, an employee is appreciated by an opportunity to show his/her potential.

  • Feedback time

Everyone needs third-party opinion, even professionals. Nevertheless a company promotes independence and encourages employees to make their own decisions; it is a good sign to organize once in a week time for a feedback. Employees feel much better if they see top-managers in this kind of meetings, especially, if they have time to discuss work related issues face-to-face which dramatically increases work culture and satisfaction of the job done.

  • It is more than a job

Communication is a key to have good relations. But what really makes sense is an interaction not only during working hours but also before and after them. If a company organizes team building activities outside of the office such as united lunches, coffee breaks etc.; managers can be sure, their employees will not run away after a while. All these collective activities help to develop internal relations, loyalty, and to boost willingness to perform better. It is easy to work in a company, where everyone feels the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

  • Transparency

A lack of trust demotivates employees; especially when they discover that their manager has something to hide, for example, upcoming fault or catastrophe.

To know that a company follows moral norms and has nothing to hide from their employees and society is a big advantage. Honesty, transparency and considering social norms in decision making process all together make employees to feel satisfaction and to put maximum effort to their job.

Written by K. Shodieva

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