Dropping Unemployment Pushes for Unconventional Employee Benefits

Unemployment rate in the Czech Republic tends to strike the lowest figures in decades. Many companies lack labor force, so they are determined to provide the best possible working environment to their staff, including new style job benefits tailored to LGBT community.

Falling unemployment is not a brisk moment, rather a from-month-to-month reoccurring trend. May accounted for 4.1% unemployment rate while the updated number is 4%. The 0.1% presents 11 082 people who do not have an unemployment status anymore. If we look at the previous year, in June 2016 there were by 56 000 people more out of job than in June 2017. Even vacant job positions are on the rise. What does it all mean for the Czech economy and for an employee?

Insight into Czech labor market

According to the Labor Office of the Czech Republic, there are almost 300 000 unemployed people and 185 000 vacant jobs. That makes one position available to 1.6 applicant, or in other words the competition is not so strong at all. Moreover, even long-term unemployment seems to be better tackled. People out of job for more than 12 months have dropped by 3,3% in comparison to the last year.

Currently, the economy of European Union in average performs worse than the Czech Republic. The economist Deloitte David Mark explained for Idnes.cz that the Czech problem is rather a lack of labor which results in inhibition of economy than unemployment.

Employee benefits for LGBT employees

Partially because of restrained talent pool, companies strive to ensure loyalty of their employees. Some companies have launched new respectful campaigns towards LGBT applicants and employees providing them with assistance and benefits as usually heterosexual couples receive. “In Vodafone, we have solved couple of LGBT issues not covered by legislature by internal regulations e.g. compensated absences for registration of partnership, accompanying your partner to the doctor, funeral participation. There are 5 days available to spend with your partner after your baby is born,” lists the advantages Jana Vychroňová from Vodafone.

Usually, such practices in working environment are the domain of multinational corporations with elaborate company cultures. LGBT community, especially in cities like Prague and Brno, is a great talent pool which shouldn’t be overlooked.

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