Virtual Reality Finds Its Way into Czech Recruitment

Your next job interview or flat seeking in Czechia could be done through virtual reality glasses.

Job candidates have changed their priorities and recruitment tries to keep pace. That is when virtual reality enters the game. There is a Czech recruiting company which uses virtual reality to mediate the real feel of an organization before you take a chance with them as an employee.

According to Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, young people are interested in a balanced combination between personal life and carrier. To believe in what you are doing and to prosper the society is the second preference. Firms, on the other hand, are trying hard to get a qualified and loyal employee. To meet criteria of companies and employees, the company Proudly offers you an insight into work life at e.g. Nestlé, Vodafone, or Faurecia.

More organizations are expected to be interested in future to promote their culture through virtual reality glasses. 360° video will make you a part of a team and you can decide before entering the company’s door whether you are interested in working for them. It is a new visionary way to shatter initial barrier between employee and employer.

Proudly presents an actual working experience from your own couch that allows you to have a tour in a company without any restraints. With a real feel experience, isn’t it easier to come to a resolution?

Recruitment or real estate- virtual reality is the future

Lloyds Banking Group have launched a scheme to test job applicants in various situations by virtual reality headsets. You do not describe, you experience a working situation, so you can be as authentic as possible. It seems that virtual reality in recruitment promotes trust, loyalty, and authenticity and facilitates a better match between an employee and an employer.

Virtual reality glasses are making their way into Czech businesses, too. We’ll surely see them more often. Even real estate Czech start-up Flatio has adopted virtual reality as means of introducing a real estate to the potential tenants. Virtual tours spare your time and lead you to fruitful decision.

Real estate and recruitment industries in the Czech Republic have discovered the advantage of 360° video and do not expect that they will stop halfway up.

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