Confidence Among Entrepreneurs in the Future of Czech Economy Down Slightly; Consumer Confidence Remains Unchanged

Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) Business Confidence Survey for January 2019: Across the sectors surveyed, the results were mixed, with some indicators showing decreases and others remaining unchanged. Title image: Pixabay.

Prague, Jan 30 (JS) – On one hand, the consumer confidence index is unchanged from December, though on certain indicators, such as concern about unemployment, rising prices, and expectations for the economy as a whole, consumer confidence has decreased. The consumer confidence index has also decreased year-on-year from last January.

In the industrial sector, respondents reporting of total and foreign demand was also unchanged, as was the level of stocks reported. Respondents reported that the most important barrier to production was lack of staff, with 28% stating this as a factor in the industrial sector and 35% in construction.

On the other hand, the survey found decreases in confidence in trade, services, and among entrepreneurs; confidence is down year-on-year in all sectors surveyed apart from construction.

By Jack Stephens

Business & Job Market