Top 10 of the Czech inventions!

  1. Plastic explosive “Semtex” (1964)

Let’s start energetically! In 1964, Stanislav Brebera invented Semtex, the Czech version of the explosive C-4. Semtex has been acquired and used by many armies, for example, by the US army in North Vietnam, or in Libya.


  1. Sugar cube (1843)

Who doesn’t like “dolce vita”? To make our beverages & lives sweeter, we have been using the Czech sugar cubes since 1843. The sugar cube has even a memorial in the city of its origin, Dacice.


  1. Koh-i-noor snap (1902)

Koh-i-noor snap has been holding our jeans together since 1902.

snap jeans

  1. Lighting Rod (beginning of 18th century)

Not only Benjamin Franklin, but also Czech Prokop Diviš, an inventor, priest, scientist and theologian, came up with the lighting rod.

  1. Methamphetamine, known as “meth”

Do you remember the “Czech Republic scene” from the cult show “Breaking bad”? Check it here. Simply phenomenal.

  1. Contact Lenses? (1961)

Otto Wichterle was a Czech chemist and inventor, best known for his invention of the contact lenses.


  1. Mechanic pencil “Versatil” (1946)

Introduced by the Czech based company Koh-i-noor a year after the World War II, the mechanic pencil “Versatil” has been under continuous production since that time unchanged.

  1. Cubist architecture (1910)

Not everybody is a fan of the simplicity and clean lines of cubism. We are!


  1. Nanofibres (2006)

Nanofibers are defined as fibers with diameters less than 100 nanometers. Also nanofibres are the Czech patent.

  1. Sobering-up Station (1951)

Jaroslav Skála was a Czech psychiatrist, fighter against alcoholism, and inventor of the sobering-up station. Indeed a very elegant solution for the misbehaving and troublesome alcoholics in the streets, we would add.


Thank you, Czech Republic!

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