Expat Adventures – The Best Expat Blogs To Follow In The Czech Republic

What is the best reliable source of information regarding a foreign country you plan to move to? Your friends’ experience? And if you don’t have any friends residing in your dream country? The expat blogs are the real deal then, so to speak.

The expat blogs are a great source of information which is not flooded by endless commercials and you can witness living on spot through the eyes of someone who has already faced all the difficulties and enjoyed all the pleasures that life in a country of your choice has to offer.

Take a look at the best blogs written by expats in the Czech Republic. The order in which they are presented does not correspond to any ranking. Each blog is unique – you can see and enjoy the different aspects of life in the Czech Republic with their authors.


1. Czechesotans at: http://czechesotans.blogspot.cz/


In case you are puzzled by the name as much as I was at first, reading the description of the blog will solve the mystery for you! The name derives from a very simple equation, indeed. Minnesotans  plus  Czech culture equals to Czechesotans.

This blog is written by two American expats who are currently residing in Prague. Divided into a few sections – Prague, Culture, Woof, Travel and Nesting – it offers to the reader an insight into life in Prague and the Czech culture and its specifics. It is lively and full of descriptions of places, ongoing events and traditions as well as pictures that will simply make you want to read more!

You will be surprised by how varied the entries are – there are posts about exciting trips to the market, retrieving packages from the post office, discovering the hidden gems of Prague and many more. I highly recommend following this blog if you are an expat, if you are thinking of becoming one or even if you are simply interested how the Czech republic looks like from a different prospective. The style of this blog is witty while keeping the content informative.


2. The next blog I’m going to present to you is Ricky Yates – an Anglican in Prague at: http://rickyyates.com/


This blog is basically a seven-year old tale of an English clergyman in Prague. In September 2008, after over 15 years of being Rector of ten Churches in North Oxfordshire, its author moved to Prague to become Chaplain to the English-speaking Anglican Episcopal congregation in the Czech Republic.

In his own words his blog is “an attempt to reflect on ministering to English-speakers from a variety of backgrounds and countries, and living as an expat himself in this fascinating city and country “. He first started blogging a few weeks after arriving in the Czech Republic in 2009. Most posts are devoted to his work as well as travels around the Czech republic, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Anglican in Prague posts also very insightful and witty articles about Czech culture, such as How To Be Czech In 10 Easy Steps.  The reason why I consider this blog one of the best expat blogs in the Czech Republic is because it is different from the typical stories of expats’ life and also because it is full of details and descriptions. And that is what you want to read in order to be able to create a picture in your head of what those places, events and people actually are like.

3. Czechproperty or Adventures in the Czech Republic at: http://czechproperty.blogspot.cz/


They say don’t judge a book by its cover. To be honest, when I first saw the name of the link of the blog I thought it is a real estate agency but it turned out to be something quite different. The blog owner is a British woman “who first visited the Czech Republic just after the Velvet Revolution when she fell in love with the country “. In 2005 she bought an old farmhouse near Cesky Krumlov and she is currently living there.

The blog consists of different entries devoted to her life in the Czech Republic, it is a tale of various adventures, and the author is always on the look for typical Czech traditions and places that would be interesting for her readers.

There’s a special section titled Cesky Krumlov Travel Guide which is her very own travel guide – a result of thorough exploring of the area for more than 10 years already. Tip: If you subscribe to her newsletter you will be granted a free PDF copy of her travel guide. So, if you are curious what is it like to live in Cesky Krumlov  and you want to learn something more about this beautiful town give Adventures in the Czech Republic a try.

4. Adventurings @: http://www.adventurings.com/about


Adventurings or “How I learned to love living out of a backpack” is written by an American expat who moved to České Budějovice in 2013. She tells an inspiring story about how it was her dream to go to a foreign country and stay there permanently.

She moved to Europe from the US with her husband and decided to settle in the Czech Republic. The blog is a description of all her daily activities and interests as well as reviews of travel destinations. At the same time it is so much more – a living proof of how dreams come true, if you really believe it them! Follow her to get to know more about topics such as film festivals, food, German language and life in the Czech Republic, of course.

5. Expat life in a small Czech town by Expatova at: http://expatova.blogspot.cz/


Written by an American expat who lives in a small village outside of Prague, this blog’s description almost had me into tears by saying that her life should “serve as a sober warning to all parents who happily send their children off for ‘just one year abroad, Mom, for my studies’.” It is quite different from all the other blogs I have described so far since I believe it has to do more with life in a small village and not in the bigger cities where generally most expats settle.

It is divided into different sections devoted to topics such as the Czech culture, Expat life as an American in the Czech republic , family and parenthood as well as  Czech language learning. Personally, it was interesting to read the multitude of funny, weird and sometimes complicated experiences that accompany the life of an expat abroad in a small town.


Written by Karolina Radichkova

Image: Pixabay.com

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