How Many Foreigners Are Living And Working In The Czech Republic In 2016?

Population of the Czech Republic amounts to 10 million and the total number of foreigners registered in the territory is 431,215 persons – statistically, every 25th person in the Czech Republic is of a foreign origin.

According to Czech media server IDNES (June 2016), the main groups of foreigners working in the Czech Republic are following:

Foreigners working in the Czech Republic – Top 5

From countries outside the EU:

  1. Ukraine – 41,847
  2. Russia – 6,703
  3. Vietnam – 5,098
  4. Moldova – 2,501
  5. Mongolia – 2,482

From EU countries:

  1. Poland – 24,982
  2. Slovakia – 150,317
  3. Romania – 22,861
  4. Bulgaria – 19,782
  5. Hungary – 6,145
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According to Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (2012), the number of foreigners with permanent residence reaches around 171 thousands persons. Number of people with some type of long-term residence above 90 days is however 1,5 times higher – around 260 thousands persons.

The five largest groups of foreigners according to the older data of the Ministry, include the nationalities matching the latest data about workers from IDNES: Ukraine (30%), Slovakia (17%), Vietnam (14%), Russia (6%), and Poland (5%).

How many of incoming people choose to settle in the Czech capital, Prague? According to data from Charles University published in September 2015 in, almost a third of them – 170 thousands of people.

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The biggest group of foreigners in Prague makes people from Ukraine; surprisingly, in the former Czechoslovakian capital, one can find more Ukrainians (29%) than Slovaks (16%).

Among other most frequented languages spoken by new Prague’s citizens are Russian (13%), Vietnamese (7%), Chinese (3%), or English (4%) and German (2%).

forigners in prague