Minimum Wage Changes and Gender Pay Gap In Czech Republic

Changes in Minimum Wage Outlined by Prime Minister Sobotka

Plan of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs  envisages a rise from the current figure of CZK 9,900 a month to CZK 11,000 at the start of January. While trade unions would like an increase of CZK 1,500 from the present level, employers say they regard a rise of CZK 600 or CZK 700 as realistic.

Changes in Minimum WagePosted by on Monday, June 6, 2016

Minimum wage – good or bad? What is the minimum wage in the Czech Republic and how it compares to other EU countries?


Gender Pay Gap: Men Are Often Being Paid More Than Women – How Is It In The Czech Republic?

Gender Pay Gap in the Czech RepublicMen are often being paid more than women – how is it in the Czech Republic? Read more at>

Posted by on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are women being paid less than men in the Czech Republic?

As much as the society is trying to convince us that there is no difference, that is not the case. The gender pay gap really does exist. And here we have to ask ourselves why.


The gender pay gap in the Czech Republic stands at 22.1% which is higher than the EU average value – 16. 3%.