What’s it like working in the Czech Republic in 2016 and is this the end of small grocery stores?

End of small grocery stores in the Czech Republic?

The number of grocery stores in the Czech Republic has dropped by 4% since 2013, to 12,294, according to Nielsen consultancy.

good-prices-prague-viennaSmall grocery stores with a shopping area less than 400 m2 experienced the biggest drop in numbers. Picture: Pixabay.com.

Supermarkets account for 80% of the overall sales of grocery items in the Czech Republic, which is the highest proportion in Central Europe.

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What’s it like working in the Czech Republic in 2016?

What’s it like working in the Czech Republic in 2016Working in the Czech Republic — Facts & Trends for 2016
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Monthly wage in Czech Republic up by 1,000 crowns (37 EUR) in first months of 2016.

The average monthly wage increased by more than 4.4 percent in Q1 year-on-year, the Czech Statistics Office reported on June 6th.

Average monthly salary in the Czech Republic is now at 26,480 CZK (981 EUR); in Prague is the highest – 33,000 CZK (1,222 EUR).

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Average working hours: 40 hours per week, divided into eight hour days

Holidays: basic holiday entitlement is 4 weeks per year

Picture: Pexels.com

2016 trends are:

– Flexible working hours;

– Growing share of home-office;

– Extra 5th week of holidays as a job benefit;

– Other popular benefits: meal tickets, language courses, employee training, company car



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