Workshop: Job Search in Prague

Wondering how to get a good job in Prague? Jobspin and partners: “EXPAT CARE CZ”, “PraguExpats”, “EXPATLEGAL”, “Tax Vision” and “MoveToPrague” are featuring an event for all those who seek a job in Prague, want to learn more about job market, freelancing or running a business in the Czech Republic.

The goal of the workshop is to bring the light on the topic of job search for expats in Prague, situation on job market in Czech Republic, as well as general topics of legal or tax aspects of employment, business and freelancing in the Czech Republic.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about job search in Prague;
  • Find out about job market situation and employment cards in the Czech Republic;
  • Get an overview on employment vs freelancing issues.
  • Get information about legal and tax aspects of employment, running a business or freelancing in the Czech Republic;


Venue and Organization

The workshop will be held on June 25 from 10:00 until 15:00 in Expat Café “The Spot”, Chodská 22, Prague 2. The official organizer of event is – expat job board in the Czech Republic.

The presentation room’s capacity is up to 40 people. The front part of the cafe will host the workshop tables of the participating organizations. There you will be able to get free counseling and professional help throughout the whole day. At the end of the workshop, the debate will take place.

During the workshop day, visitors will have an opportunity to write down and put their questions into a special box. All questions will be answered during the final debate. Participants who will insert a question can win a free 45 minutes coaching session from Beata Dziedzic – Career Development Coach from Coachify. Coachify helps people to build personal & professional brand and master social media networking skills in order to develop their careers faster.

The entry is free with free snacks provided during the day.


Workshop Agenda

  • Expert Speakers’ Presentations
  • Free Professional Advisory – Workshop tables of participating organizations in the front part of the venue
  • Discussion with participants in the end of the afternoon bloc
  • Competition – put you your question for the final discussion in the box on spot and win a free career coaching session with Expat Career Coach

You can download the program and brochure of the workshop containing detailed program and profiles of the companies organizing the workshop and attending speakers.

Please use the registration form below and mark the presentations you wish to attend.

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10:00 – 15:00

Participating organizations will be available at the workshop tables for small advisory throughout the whole day.

Morning part

10:15 – 10:55 (40 minutes)

Session 1: – “Employee Card, Blue Card, Work Permit – What They Are and How to Get Them!”

Job Market Introduction and Legal Employment in the Czech Republic

Session speakers: Nesterov, Arseni (Senior Immigration Specialist) and Pyszko, Pavel (Immigration Specialist).

11:10 – 11:50 (40 minutes)

Session 2: “Things to Check before Signing an Employment Contract”

Legal Aspects of Working in the Czech Republic

Session speaker: Mgr. Flídrová, Eliška (Attorney at Law)



Afternoon part

12:25– 13:05 (40 minutes)

Session 3: “Employment or Freelancing?”

Get a Closer Look on Employment and Freelancing Visa Possibilities

Session speakers: Somova, Daria and Kalina, Jan (Relocation Experts)


13:20 – 13:40 (20 minutes)

Session 4: “Taxes – All You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask”

Tax Aspects of Living in the Czech Republic

Session speakers: Veselá, Jana and Štarmanová, Blanka (Professional Accountants)

Questions about taxes will be answered on 1-1 basis at the workshop table during the day.


13:55 – 14:35 (40 minutes)

Session 5: “Ask the Experts, Collect the Price!”

Closing Discussion with Participating Experts and Announcement of the Results of the Competition for Free Career Coaching Session

Workshop Participants and Speakers

Mgr. Flídrová, Eliška – Attorney at Law

EXPATLEGAL (Expat Legal Services)


Dziedzic, Beata – Career Development Coach

Coachify (Career Development Trainings)

Beata Dziedzic

Kukrechtová, Kateřina – Sales and Marketing Manager (Expat Job Board in the Czech Republic)


Nesterov, Arseni – Senior Immigration Specialist and Partner at Expat Care CZ

Expat Care CZ (Relocation & Immigration Agency)

Arseni foto

Pyszko, Pavel – Immigration Specialist

Expat Care CZ (Relocation & Immigration Agency)


Pelipecki, Helen – PR, Marketing, Expat Blogger, Freelancer (Expat Job Board in the Czech Republic)

Helen 083

Somova, Daria and Kalina, Jan – Relocation Experts

MoveToPrague – Your first friend in Prague! (Relocation Services)



Štádlerová, Petra and Jonáková, Hany – Visa Experts

PraguExpats (Visa Help and Relocation Assistance)


Veselá, Jana and Štarmanová, Blanka – Professional Accountants

Tax Vision (Accounting, Tax Advisory, Wage Administration)


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