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It’s good to have a place where you can meet people who are like you. We found this place for you. The Spot café is a hub connecting expats in Prague. One of the events you can enjoy at The Spot is Workshop Series. Petra Štádlerová, the founder of The Spot and PraguExpats relocation agency told us more about the next workshop Setting Up Business in the Czech Republic. The Spot café with its main concept is created to connect expats in Prague. That’s really cool! Where did  this idea come from?

Petra: First thought about the café and expats center came up one day at the meeting with our client. Sometime you meet your clients somewhere out of the office because it is more convenient and comfortable for them. And we thought, it would be nice to have a place where we could choose either if we want to treat the client in a more personal way or meet them at our office. We have the Czech lessons for free, we organize the movie nights; to  have a chance to bring people together and give them more possibilities to adapt. To start The Spot  was the right idea for us!

Gallery from Workshop: Job Search in Prague, 2016 What kind of events for expats, besides of chatter over tasty coffee, do you organize at The Spot?

Petra: The main idea of The Spot is to bring expats and natives together. So most of the events are for everyone. For expats we organize:  Mondays and Wednesdays free Czech lessons, music events, and exhibitions.

We have a bookcase full of foreign books, so they can come and take and share the books. In this bookcase they can find the forms needed for the visa process . They can find some brochures about trips around Prague as well, so they can explore the Czech Republic. The first event of Workshop Series took place at The Spot. What was the main topic of it?

Petra: The first workshop was about living and working legally in the Czech Republic. It helped expats to understand the process of applying for an employee card and provided them with useful information on legal aspects of employment contracts and employee‘s rights according to the Czech law. How many people attended the event?

Petra: 20, 25. Could you describe the atmosphere of this event in 3 words?

Petra: Friendly, educative, interrogative. Multilingual Jobs in Prague, Photo by: Heather Schnacke Relocation is an important issue for people who would like to settle down in the Czech Republic. What is the most common question people ask you about relocation?

Petra: We /PraguExpats/ are a visa agency, so people ask us about visa matters. Most people need to know more details about their possibilities to be legal in the Czech republic because it‘s really hard to get the right information and when they search by themselves it is really confusing  for them. This is one of the reason why we started the Workshop Series. Why would you recommend Workshop Series to a person who have just come to Prague for living?

Petra: They can get a lot of useful information and they can ask us what is important and interesting for them. Thank you for your time.

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Date and time: November 12, 2016, from 10 to 13.00

At: The Spot, Chodská 22, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady; Web: 

The place is limited to 30 people.

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