Workshop Series Vol. 2: Setting Up Business in the Czech Republic

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We have a pleasure to invite you to the next part of our Workshop Series! This time we will focus on establishing a private business in the Czech Republic.

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Last meeting we talked about Employment Cards and labour law. This time we will make one step further. We would like to focus on starting a new business in the Czech Republic. Everyone who has ever dreamed about having his or her own company, now, has the perfect opportunity to acquire professional knowledge from PraguExpats and EXPATLEGAL.


Workshop Series Vol. 1: Working in the Czech Republic, Cafe The Spot

PraguExpats will explain how to obtain a Trade License and the essentials of applying for a long term visa with a business purpose.

Attorneys at law from EXPATLEGAL will provide you a general overview of the Czech Business law and they will guide you through the procedure of getting Trade License, explain what types of companies exist in the Czech Republic, and compare the pros and cons of them for you. They will focus on tricky matters you may encounter when starting a new business including liability issues, basic information on taxation, and lots more.


Workshop Series Vol. 1: Working in the Czech Republic, Cafe The Spot

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to ask any question after the presentations! There will be an open debate.

Let’s talk about trade license and the process of establishing a new business in the Czech Republic.

Free entry & free snacks.

Come on the 12th November 2016 at 10 AM to café The Spot and give yourself a chance to start your business in the Czech Republic!

How was the last workshop? Read the summary of the previous event here: First Chapter of Workshop Series “Working in the Czech Republic”

Interview: Petra Štádlerová, the founder of The Spot and PraguExpats relocation agency talking about the next workshop “Setting Up Business in the Czech Republic”: START Freelancing or Set Up a New Company in the Czech Republic! How?


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