The Art of Recruitment – BEC Business Seminar I AM HIRING

Every company knows how hard it is to find a person who will fit in the team. Read the inspiring stories and useful tips for the future and current recruiters from Business Seminar: I AM HIRING organized by Brno Expat Centre. 

No matter if you are a freelancer, working in recruiting company, growing start-up – you should know how to deal with people who are your potential business partners or employees.

What experts say about the art of recruitment

Samuel Leduc from Reed Global claims that he always tries to spend as much time as it’s possible with people who are going to be hired by him. It’s important to know who they really are. People make a company and it’s not just a cliché.

How to find the right people according to Leduc

  • You should always look for active candidates who simply apply for your job advertisement or you will find their CV’s online and contact them.
  • You might train your own team by hiring graduates who have no experience. This way takes time but almost always abound in loyal employees who match with your company’s culture.
  • You might try to reach people who are currently employed. They probably have experience you’re looking for. But let’s be clear, stealing from your competitors is not the best way to build a business.

Growing business can be fun

Sometimes, living as a foreigner abroad might be hard, especially when you’re up to building your own business. Story of Hildeberto Aleman Guerrero, founder of TeachMe, shows that differences between foreigners and Czech people are not impossible to overcome. Even if local people were often ask him to come down to earth with his dreams, his big motivation shows that growing business in such competitive area as language schools’ market can be successful!

He created a community where students can learn language in a way they will be using it in a real life. He pursued it by organizing social activities as cooking Mexican food at his home – you can imagine the number of students coming to the next meetings was bigger every time (who wouldn’t come for delicious food?). After some time, a few of his students became his business partners. Guerrero gives away the secret of his success; it is a good relationship with people that he can rely on.

People matter the most

Inspiring story of Romina Kohei, founder of GliderPath, proves that the phrase “from zero to hero” doesn’t exist only in fairytales. She started her company with literally nothing but amazing attitude and strong will. Kohei says “You will get what you want, only when you know what it exactly is.” – especially when looking for business partners. Her idea was to invite freelancers to cooperate. It’s highly important to show what precisely you expect from people and what you can offer to them. Second most important thing according to Kohei is building the relations; that’s the spirit of successful communication.

Every person presented a unique story. But is it that brings them together? Focus on PEOPLE and interpersonal RELATIONS that is what matter the most.

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