Higher chances on labor market, cutting through red tape and more – Czech Integration Centers get it for you free of charge

Integration centers founded in 13 Czech counties are an expanding facilitator of understanding between newcomers and citizens. Integration is not a one-sided process teaching foreigners to adapt. There is a huge difference between integration and assimilation and hence, such centers embody the true nature of the former one. The aim is to promote development and growth of the entire society. Successful integration fosters community which eventually comes out of the integration process as socially, economically and culturally stronger one. Clearly, foreigners often represent brain gain for majority population. As such, integration centers touch upon all – institutions, citizens and foreigners.

Czech life-lessons for foreigners all around the country

Do you want to boost your odds of getting a job, to learn Czech language, to empower yourself in Czech political and social life, to understand legal system, to know how to cut through red tape and to get acquainted with neighbors of your new city? Integration centers provide foreigners with exactly such opportunities and free of charge. You just need to follow its current offer and the time schedule. These centers are usually financed by EU grant AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) and are to find in Prague, South Bohemian Region, Karlovy Vary Regi, Liberec Region, Moravia-Silesia Region, Olomouc Region, Pardubice Region, Plzeň Region, Zlín Region, Kraj Vysočina. Integration Center Prague and The South Moravian Regional Centre to Support Integration of Foreigners are projects co-financed by AMIF. All centers are interconnected with nonprofit organizations that support mutual rapport and encourage both, foreigners and citizens in education. Centers are usually equipped with an information center which provides space to learn, meet and feel safe or to handle emails, looking for a job on several PCs with free Internet access and more. Foreign Language Library is available too, containing children’s, regional, and technical literature.

One of many opportunities to obtain valuable 3-hour Czech life-lesson for free is the most current educational seminar offered by The Prague Center on June 27th in the evening hours that intends to deal with legislation, insurance, business, diploma validation, education and labor market. Czech language courses will be a certain advantage when applying for job – all centers and nonprofit organizations have a wide offer of Czech courses and websites for your self-improvement, all for free. Though, you need to register and check the availability in your county.  Social and legal counseling, financial literacy, topical workshops – all for free – will help you adapt to a new system.

Constant mutual education through dialogue and fun

Integration centers offer a hand when it comes to mutual understanding. One of their initiatives promoting dialogue between cultures is #mezisvymi – an information campaign targeted wide public audience who is often biased against foreigners due to agitating misinformed hate-campaigns. The campaign desires to challenge stereotypes on both sides and show Czech people and foreigners as friends. Join them, too with a photo of your Czech and non- Czech friends having fun together marked with  #mezisvymi. All centers cooperate according to received feedback with nonprofit organizations, counties, and public institutions. Meetings of platforms to connect regional actors of integration and define barriers causing discomfort are on regular basis. Besides, centers publish practical guides to Czech schools, foreigners and institutions e.g. here. Cultural, social and sport events bearing educational activity within are common in every school, public institution and city itself. Hence, such happenings are a place for foreigners to show their culture, uncover their traditional recipes, defy stereotypes and teach the majority population to think outside the box. All events and Centers´ offer is within your hand’s reach – just google it. Knowledge and fun assured.

Written by Zuzana Pápayová

Source: unsplash.com

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Article: Higher chances on labor market, cutting through red tape and more – Czech Integration Centers get it for you free of charge
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