Czech Statistical Office Reports Highest Number of Job Vacancies in Modern Czech History

Population Trends

Latest data of the Czech Statistical Office have shown the highest death rate in the first quarter of 2017 since 1994. Almost 32 thousand people died in the first quarter, which is 3.6 thousand more than the last year in the same period. The number of deaths was especially high in January, a flu epidemic season. Although the numbers may look grim, it is due to the seasonality of the births and deaths that the numbers are so daunting.

On the bright side, the net migration during this period was positive. A total of 10.9 thousand people came to the Czech Republic while 5.7 thousand have left the country and emigrated. The highest numbers of migrants belong to Ukrainians, Slovaks, and Romanians.

Stats show that moms are waiting longer to have children.  It’s a general trend that as more women get an education and enter the workforce. The average age of grooms and brides was 33.1 and 30 years respectively in 2017. 3.3 thousand marriages were formed in the first 3 months of 2017, which is 0.2 less than the previous year. The highest numbers of marriages fall on the months of summer and early fall.

The live birth data show that 44% of childbirths in the first quarter were children born to single women. Interestingly enough, there were fewer firstborn children than of the second or third order, which does not indicate the well-being of the newly formed families.

All in all, over the past 5 years, the population of the nation has been increasing by a stable figure of 20 thousand citizens per year thanks to the migration trends.

Wages and Unemployment

Year-on-year increase of the Czech Gross Domestic Product in the 1st quarter of 2017 was 2,9 %. The average gross wages and salaries grew 5,3 % (nominal wage) and 2,8 % (real wage – considering inflation). The gross wages in the Czech Republic averaged at 27 889 CZK in the period.

The demand for workers in the Czech market exceeded their supply this May. For the fourth month in a row, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic dropped in May and reached historical low of 4.1 % compared to 4.4 % in April. The number of vacancies has increased and surpassed 174,000. “The Czech economy continues to grow and the labor market is also affected by seasonal jobs that are already in full swing.” said Director General of the Labor Office Kateřina Sadílková. “The unemployed were mostly people with low education and skills”, she added.

Source: Czech Statistical Office.

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Article: Czech Statistical Office: Highest Number of Job Vacancies in Modern Czech History
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