Google Mega Job-search Engine

If only there was something simple that would make the perfect job pop up right onto your screen and consequently into your life… And there is! Google has recently launched its new initiative Google for Jobs, currently available in the US.

Google for Jobs is considered by Google itself as its “core competency” as Google CEO Sundar Pichai claimed during a conference in Silicon Valley.

The overall purpose of Google revolves around gathering, sorting and utilizing information with your own customized categorization and preferences. Google for Jobs works precisely on this basis but applied on your job search.

It pulls data from LinkedIn, Facebook and CareerBuilder and basically bridges the gap between its rivals – Microsoft subsidiaries and Google job seekers while both sides should end up satisfied.

Finding a job would be much easier but Europe has to wait

As the portal Business Insider states, Google search box is the only thing you need. You type “job” or “retail job” or “job near me” according to your own preference and requirements into search box and box labelled “Jobs” should appear.

Click on the “Job box” and the entire job listing will open where you can narrow your preferences and therefore also the results. Google for Jobs pulls job positions from wide range of providers, simultaneously deleting the duplicates.

You can customize your search by location, date posted, company, industry, type of work and more. When you fancy something, Google for Jobs will redirect you to the original posting.

In case you weren’t lucky today, you can turn on job alerts on certain job posting according to your search to keep in touch with the most recent and adequate vacancies.

To find a vacancy in the Czech Republic, you have to wait for Google to widen such initiative to other states than the US. So far, Google for Jobs is accessible only in the States.

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