Working Conditions in Czechia Attract Expats

Debilitating job? Not something expats in Czechia would need to experience! The absence of overworking and stress makes expats in the Czech Republic the most satisfied ones in the world. In the Working Abroad Index 2017, the Czech Republic ranks again the highest overall rating.

Although Germany or Luxembourg are often presented as the lands of opportunity for skilled expats, Working Abroad Index surprisingly places into spotlight rather less famous countries such as the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Bahrain.

Working Abroad Index introduced by InterNation, online expat community, compares job satisfaction among respondents from 65 countries. The survey annually gathers feedback on several factors in three main areas: Job & Career, Work-Life Balance, and Job Security.

Satisfaction wrapped in a good-shaped economy

In detail, the Czech Republic ranks the 4th place in Job & Career, the 11th place in Job Security and the 4th place in Work-Life Balance.

Satisfaction of expats in Czechia exceeds the global average by eleven points. 75% of respondents expressed positive feeling about their career.

Although 23 % expats from Czechia (more than global average) can make their living out of being self-employed, freelancer or entrepreneur, the Czech Republic ranks high in Job Security. Most of the expats in the Czech Republic feel secure in their jobs and 78% feel confident about the performance of the Czech economy.

Three-quarters of respondents are content with their working hours. In average, a full-time employed expat works 44.9 hours per week.

Only 9% of expats show dissatisfaction in the Work-Life Balance category. As InterNations, online expat community quotes one US expat: “This (the Czech Republic) is not a country of workaholics.”

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Article: Working Conditions in Czechia Attract Expats
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