End Of Food Vouchers (“Stravenky”) As We Know Them?

This week, the Czech Ministry of Finance has proposed a package of tax changes for 2021, including an alternative scheme to the popular job benefit “stravenky” (food vouchers). Title image: stock photo / Pixabay.

Czechia, May 29 (JS) – The Ministry of Finance has announced a proposed alternative to the “stravenky” scheme, which sees many company staff paid a portion of their salary in food vouchers, 55% of which is tax deductible. The ministry’s proposal would see employees at some companies receive an equivalent amount as a lump sum, paid separately to ensure it remained tax free.

Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (ANO) stressed that the proposals would not replace food vouchers, but would run as a more convenient alternative for some employers: “We are offering employers a simpler and cheaper alternative, thanks to which even small companies or sole traders with one or two employees will be able to afford the food allowance. Up to another one million people will now be able to use the contribution.”

Changes to the food voucher system have been under discussion since its replacement was first proposed 12 years ago. The new scheme should benefit both employers and employees, and is supported by most members of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, though unions have raised concerns that the lump sum will be open to abuse from employers.

The new scheme is expected to cost the state CZK 2.3 billion.

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