70% of Czechs Happy With Their Job, Only A Fraction Are Dissatisfied

A July research of Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) published this Monday showed that nearly 70% of Czech employees are happy with their current job, the most since 2003. Only a small fraction of employees (5%) are dissatisfied with their work today. Title photo: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Sep 23 (JS) – Last year, the survey reported only 60% of Czech were “very satisfied” and “satisfied” with their job. The survey has been bringing similar results over 17 years, with an exception in 2007 (global financial crisis), when the “employee happiness” dropped to 53%.

On the other hand,over 50% of responding employees feel they are being paid less than they deserve at their current job today. At the same time, the CVVM survey shows that some 80% of people will stay in their position,  despite they feel as though they’re being underpaid.

Nearly 80% of the Czech employees see their workplace relationships as “positive”. A little less than half of workers (46%) describe their relations at workplace as “good cooperation with no special personal proximity”.

Chart: Satisfaction at work, 2003-2020. Source: CVVM.

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