Housing Costs As Share Of Household Expenditure In Czechia 4th Highest In EU

Housing is by far the largest area of household expenditure across the EU, followed by Transport and ‘Food and non-alcoholic beverages’, according to figures from Eurostat, the European statistical office, released this December. Photo: Prague, August 2020 / KB.

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Czech Rep., Dec 12 (JS) – In 2019, households in the EU spent nearly a quarter (24%) of their total consumption expenditure on housing (including bills). The highest share of expenditure on housing was in Finland (29%). The Czech Republic was placed fourth (26%), and its former “brother state” Slovakia placed second (28%).

Countries with the largest share of household expenditure devoted to housing in the EU in 2019. Source: Eurostat.

Finland 28,8%
Slovakia 28,4%
Denmark 27.9%
Czechia 26,4%
France 26,2%
Sweden 25,8%

At the other end of the list, Malta (12%), Lithuania (15%), Cyprus and Croatia (16%) reported the lowest shares of household expenditure on housing.

Housing is by far the biggest expense for households across the EU. This was followed by spending on Transport and Groceries (both with a 13% share).

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