Four Hybrid Work Habits Worth Cultivating

Do you prefer to work at home or in-office? Here’s how to adapt to working anywhere!

If you’ve been working remotely for the last few months, you may have grown comfortable with your workspace at home. Switching to a new routine can be challenging. Ease into a comfortable workflow by cultivating healthy habits.

What is a Hybrid Work Model? 

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies introduced some form of hybrid work. This means dividing workdays between working in-office and remotely. To maintain your standard of work, it is important to develop a hybrid work routine that fits you.

Do you want to learn how to manage your time effectively no matter where you are? Implement these key strategies and find a way that works best for you!

Good Habits That Work Anywhere

#1 Set a Schedule 

Define what a productive day looks like to you so that you have a clear idea of your objectives. At the end of each day, write down what work you finished and spent time on. This will help you to manage stress and feel like you achieved something. Switch off for the day by making a to-do list for tomorrow and guarantee a smooth start to the next morning.

A few extra tips!

#2 Make Your Workspace Functional

Moving from space to space can be disruptive. Put an end to stressful transitions with a few simple changes.

  • Keep essential items like your keys, mask and wallet in a small bag so you can quickly grab them as you rush off to work. This saves you from scrambling at the last minute! 
  • Go paperless. Work at home often means not having space for notepads. Switching to paperless note-keeping is more environmentally friendly and easy to manage. 
  • Apply the 1-minute rule. This productivity hack was introduced by Gretchen Rubin. If a task takes a minute or less to complete, do it right away. Small tasks can pile up quickly and will take much longer when you finally get to do them. 

#3 Take Breaks, Move and Disconnect

Your well-being is essential to maintain a sustainable level of productivity. Working longer than you should is a fast track to burning out. Set an alarm to take a break and go for a walk, leave your phone behind so you can disconnect from everything for a few minutes. Fresh air and movement will clear your mind and give you space to come up with fresh ideas. 

Try to differentiate between days so you don’t fall into a mundane routine. It may help to schedule mid-week meetings so that you start and end the week with less anxiety and feel more productive. 

#4 Communicate Openly 

Remember that your manager may have a different idea of the ideal number of days you need to spend in-office. Don’t hesitate to set up a meeting to discuss your feelings and expectations so that you can find a solution that works for you – and your company. 

Make an effort to connect with your colleagues whether you are working remotely or face-to-face. Don’t be afraid to pop in virtually even if you may see someone the next day, it will open the discussion and keep everyone equally informed. 

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