RegioJet Yellow Buses To Run Without Stewards From This Summer Due To Staff Shortages

RegioJet yellow bus passengers on the Prague-Brno line and most others domestic bus routes will no longer enjoy the comfort of steward service. Newspapers and magazines will be available in the racks and passengers will brew hot drinks themselves. The company guarantees all passengers that the reading and drinks will remain free. Photo credit: RegioJet / Galerie “O nás”.

Prague / Czech Rep., Jul 31 (JS) — This summer, RegioJet will cease the popular service on most domestic lines. From the last week of July, passengers will not see stewards on board on routes between Prague, Most and Chomutov. From August, they will disappear from connections between Prague, Jihlava and Brno (except buses travelling on to or coming from abroad), and routes between Prague and Liberec, Pilsen, Brno, Zlín, Olomouc, and Ostrava.

The end of the steward service is apparently due to a lack of staff: “Like other employers, we have a long-term problem finding suitable employees. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee steward service for all connections in the long term,” explained Ivana Kašická, director of bus and train transport at RegioJet.

Unemployment fell in April by 0.2%  to 2.1% (Czech Statistical Office).

For passengers, the carrier will introduce self-service on board. The company guarantees that passengers will not lose their free coffee or tea – they will just have to brew it themselves.

“The absolute priority for us is to maintain a wide range of onboard services on all our lines. Free coffee for travellers, as well as daily newspapers and access to Internet and movie services are symbols of RegioJet, and it is crucial for us to have them available whenever our guests travel with us,” Kašická said.

The article was prepared in cooperation with Brno Daily.