Jobspin Will Offer Exclusive Free Job Advertising For Businesses Affected By Covid

Local businesses, including hotels, restaurants and bars, will have the opportunity to post job openings free of charge. The campaign is designed to give the industries most affected by the pandemic – tourism and hospitality – the chance to bounce back, just in time for the summer season, as well as helping companies offering part-time and freelance work or internships.

Prague, Brno, July 16 (JS) – The project, dubbed “Back-on-Track”, is aimed at relieving the job advertising budgets of businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries, which remain among the most affected by the pandemic due to the quarantine restrictions that severely reduced domestic and international tourism. The campaign also favors other businesses offering part-time jobs, freelance and internship positions.

The campaign will kick off from July 13th, 2020, and run until the end of August 2020, so businesses can be ready for the autumn recruiting and tourist season. And although the goal is to help hotels and businesses bounce back from the economic slowdown, thousands of jobseekers, who are using Jobspin to find their dream jobs, will also stand to benefit from this venture. It is anticipated to be a great opportunity for hotels and the whole tourism sector, as well as for other businesses offering internships, freelance jobs and part-time jobs, to reach thousands of talented multilingual job-seekers inside and outside of the Czech Republic for FREE.

Talking about the motivations that led to the development of this campaign, Jobspin International’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Antonis Dimosthenous says: “This is us stepping up, helping businesses get back on their feet and helping job-seekers as well, as they will have access to many job opportunities that otherwise might not be publicly advertised. So, that is why we are offering them free advertising on our website.”

Companies advertising with Jobspin, which mainly targets foreigners and multilingual people in the Czech Republic, will be able to reach the more than 15,000 new visitors to its website each month, as well as thousands more who follow its other channels, including social media.

And so, aside from the opportunity to advertise positions for FREE on its website platform, the adverts will also be shared on Jobspin’s multiple other media channels, including the various Jobspin Facebook pages and groups, which have grown tremendously over time to over 35,000 members, and are among the most followed Facebook pages for expat job seekers in the Czech Republic.

About Jobspin
Jobspin is a job board for expats in the Czech Republic which provides job advertising to all companies seeking new employees with global minds. Jobspin also organizes the Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs, the largest expat job fairs in the Czech Republic, as well as business seminars for employers and workshops for expats in Prague about relocation to the Czech Republic.

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