Unemployment In The Czech Republic Stands At 3.5%

Text prepared by Giorgia Maura, edited for Jobspin.cz

According to the Czech Labor Office, the Czech Republic has seen a further decrease in unemployment. From August to September, unemployment decreased by 0.1%, and is approaching pre-Covid-19 levels. Photo: Freepik.

“Although unemployment increased slightly last year, the worst-case scenarios did not materialize thanks to the Antivirus program,” said Jana Maláčová, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Unemployment figures are continuing their positive trend. Almost 5,700 fewer people are looking for work compared to last month; the unemployment rate is now 3.5%,  and has been steadily decreasing since March of this year.

According to the latest available data from Eurostat for August 2021, the Czech unemployment rate was the lowest in the entire EU, against an EU average of 6.7%.

Some economists warn that the Czech labour market is very tight and the continuing low unemployment rate can contribute to an overheating of the economy.

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