Jobs and Salaries In Prague and Major Czech Cities By Industry and Roles In 2022 – Part 2

Are you thinking about moving to the Czech Republic to start a new life? Find out about the employment market in the country, whether Prague or Brno fits you best, what industries are booming and the salary levels that go along with each sector, in the second of our series of three articles. Photo Credit: Prague, KB / Brno Daily

Salaries In Q4 of 2021 Increased By 4% Compared To The Same Period of 2020

In the first instalment of our series of articles about working in the Czech Republic, the salary guide showed the attractiveness of the Czech employment market for foreigners. Now we will focus more on the actual numbers when it comes to wages, to further help you decide whether moving to the Czech Republic is a good move for you. 

According to the Czech Statistical Office, in Q4 2021, the average gross monthly nominal wage in the Czech Republic for a full-time equivalent employee was CZK 40,135/EUR 1,626, 4% higher than the corresponding period of 2020. 

The real estate sector saw the highest rise in average gross monthly wages, rising by 14.2% to CZK 34,867 (EUR 1,412) in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020, followed by accomodation and food service activities, where the average wage rose 9.7%, to CZK 22,410 (EUR 901). 

Administrative and support service activities are also becoming more attractive, with an increase of 8.5% in average gross monthly wage, to CZK 27,270 (EUR 1,097). However, this sector saw a 5.2% decrease in the registered number of employees, while the rate of employment in the real estate sector increased by 5% compared to Q4 2020. 

However, although wage rises are good news, it’s important to bear in mind that consumer prices increased by 6.1% in Q4 2021, meaning a real-terms fall in wages of 2%. In the whole year 2021, inflation reached 3.8% and the nominal wage growth was 6.1%. 

Average gross wages and salaries:

y-o-y increase/decrease in %, Q4 2021

nominal:  4

real:  -2

Gross wages: CZK 40,135 / EUR 1,635

Source: CSO, 07 March 2022

Prague or Brno? Brno Is Cheaper, With Lower Rents, While Ostrava is Gaining Popularity With Businesses

After making the decision to move to the Czech Republic, you have to consider which city to settle in: should you move to Prague, the capital and biggest city with over 1.3 million inhabitants and the majority (53%) of Czech company headquarters, or Brno, with a population of 379,000, yet bursting with opportunities and increasingly becoming a hub for expats.

Aside from hosting 24% Czech company headquarters, Brno has additional benefits, with consumer prices 7% lower than in Prague (excluding rents) and rent prices 21.3% lower (, March 2022). Ostrava has recently started increasing in popularity, with 10% of companies, and we have therefore included it in our salary comparison in the next and final article.

Prague is the economic centre of the country, closely followed in terms of business investment by Brno and then Ostrava. In the near future, Olomouc, Pilsen and České Budějovice will also become promising business markets. Photo Credit: Brno, SM / Brno Daily

Selected top 10 business centres in Prague and Brno

Company Headquarters in Prague Company Headquarters in Brno
Amazon AT&T
Barclays Avast
DHL Express Canon
Expedia Deloitte
ExxonMobil Deutsche Telekom Services Europe 
Johnson & Johnson Honeywell
Mercedes-Benz Parts and Logistics Eastern Europe Kyndryl
Microsoft Infosys
Sony DADC Lufthansa InTouch
Vodafone  Teleperformance CZ

Source: ABSL 2021


Quality of Life Comparisons between Prague and Brno 

Prague Brno
Quality of life index 160.59 157.37
Purchasing power index 70.90 66.00
Safety Index 75.80 73.60
Healthcare index 74.50 74.99
Cost of living index 49.58 46.09
Property price to income ratio 18.18 15.40
Traffic commute time index 32.39 26.08
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) CZK 36,329 / EUR 1,465 CZK 29,949 / EUR 1,208
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City centre CZK 32,656 / EUR 1,317 CZK 24,565 / EUR 991
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of centre CZK 23,560 / EUR 950 CZK 19,458 / EUR 785

Source:, March 2022


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