The largest specialized Conference for HR and Recruiters in Western Europe is going Global to support Ukraine

The Global HR & Recruitment Forum will take place from  May 30 till June 3, 2022, Online.  It’s a specialized professional Forum for Recruiters, HR Leaders and Sourcers. 70% of the income will be directed to support the Ukrainian army and humanitarian aid. Photo Credit: Freepik

History preceding the Global HR & Recruitment Forum:

The project is powered by the “Because Talents Matter” Community, which was created by enthusiasts in 2014 in Ukraine. During 8 years, more than 10 International Professional Conferences were conducted.   

International IT HR Forum became  the largest conference for IT HR and Recruiters in Western Europe. Participants from more than 9 countries arrive to visit the Forum every year (450+ participants before the COVID-19 outbreak).


It will connect specialists from different countries and boost the inspiration and practical skills of everyone! The main idea — to create high quality specified information with cases and practical tools for every Forum participant.

The Forum is comprised of:

5 days of practical content (one topic per day);

2,000+ participants 

– specialized topics (sourcing, candidate outreach, automatization tools, candidate journey/experience, stakeholder communication etc. The list of topics will be announced soon; 

25+ top experts from all over the world; 

30+ countries;  

– practical workshops from the top-level professionals.

Speakers, who already confirmed their participation in the Global HR & Recruitment Forum:

– Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter and result-oriented Talent Acquisition Leader with progressive experience of managing teams and establishing processes;

– Julia Jolkin, Founder/Talent Recruiter at IT Talent Estonia;

– Jonathan Campbell, CEO, SocialTalent; 

– Katrina Collier,  Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter. Facilitator & Keynote. The Hiring Partner Perspective; 

– Iryna Shamaeva, Recruiter, Sourcer, Researcher, Sourcing Trainer;

– Balazs Paroczay, Sourcing Leader, Keynote Speaker and Talent Acquisition Strategist.

For more details please visit their website: 

Jobspin is pleased to be providing media support to the Global HR & Recruitment Conference.

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