Explore Opportunities and Embrace Community at the Prague Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair

Prague, a city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, is also a hub for international professionals seeking new career prospects. On April 20, 2024, the Holesovicka Trznice, Hall 13, will host the 21st edition of the Jobspin Job Fair, in conjunction with the 3rd Prague Relocation Fair. This event, under the auspices of the Central Bohemian Region and with premium partners Deutsche Börse Group Prague and Bobcat EMEA, promises a day filled with opportunities for expats and bilingual job seekers.

**Why Attend the Jobspin Job Fair?**

1. **Diverse Job Opportunities:**
The Jobspin Job Fair caters to the diverse skill sets of expats, offering job opportunities in various sectors such as Marketing, Communication, Customer Service, IT, HR & Recruiting, Accounting & Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Engineering, and many more. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, this fair provides a platform to explore career paths that align with your expertise. Meet international employers such as Deutsche Börse, Doosan Bobcat EMEA, Accenture and AB InBev.

2. **English-Friendly Environment and Attractive Program:**
One of the unique features of this fair is its official language, which is English. Unlike some job fairs, you don’t need to speak Czech to participate, making it inclusive and accessible to the expat community. This opens up a world of possibilities for individuals who may be new to the country or are still learning the local language. Go to see the official program and pick up the workshops to take part in.

3. **Free Admission:**
The Jobspin Job Fair believes in making opportunities accessible to everyone. Admission to the fair is entirely free for all visitors, encouraging a diverse audience to attend and connect with potential employers. Register now

4. **Family and Pet-Friendly Atmosphere:**
Recognizing the importance of a work-life balance, the fair is designed to be family-friendly and pet-friendly. Families with children are welcome to explore the fair, and a free children’s play area will be provided. Moreover, pet owners can bring their furry friends along, creating a warm and inclusive environment. Susie’s Prague Babysitting will organize a free children’s play area. If you plan to bring your family, please register here.

**Why Combine it with the Prague Relocation Fair?**

The 3rd Prague Relocation Fair, happening simultaneously, consolidates essential services for expats under one roof. From housing solutions to legal and financial advice, this fair addresses the holistic needs of individuals relocating to Prague. The official language is English, ensuring clear communication and accessibility for all attendees. A few examples of companies at the Relocation Fair: Axa / Fabrika, OVB, Czech Visa Lawyer, Study in Prague and Expat Centre of the City of Prague.

In summary, the Prague Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair on April 20, 2024, offers more than just job opportunities. It’s a chance for expats to immerse themselves in a supportive community, discover career possibilities, and access key services for a seamless transition to life in Prague. Mark your calendars, bring your family and pets, and join us at the Holesovicka Trznice, Hall 13, for a day of networking, learning, and growth. Admission is free – your next adventure awaits!

The 2024 Prague Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair is held under auspices of the Central Bohemian Region, alongside esteemed partners including Deutsche Börse Group Prague and Bobcat EMEA. Media partners supporting the fair include Prague Morning, Tschechien News, and Brno Daily.

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