Foreigners In The Czech Republic Generate About 2% of Czech GDP

The business services sector currently employs almost 10% of all foreign workers in the Czech Republic. Title photo: Freepik.

Jobspin, Czechia, March 28, 2022 – After a slowdown in 2020, when many foreigners were wary of relocation and others returned to their home countries, the number of foreign employees in the corporate, customer and IT services sector increased by more than 6,000 year-on-year in 2021.

This year, Czech firms plan to add nearly 10,000 more foreign specialists in IT, finance, logistics and data analytics. In order to promote a sense of security and satisfaction among their staff and reduce the turnover of foreign workers, 17% of employers in the industry allow employees to work remotely from their home countries, while another 36% of companies are considering this model.

This data was published in 2022 ABSL’s Business Services Market Survey.

The business services sector currently employs almost one-tenth of all foreign workers in the Czech Republic, the largest Czech employer of foreigners. As firms continue to expand their reach and provide services to a growing number of countries, this trend is set to strengthen. “Currently, our foreign colleagues contribute 2% of Czech GDP and generate about $4 billion a year,” said Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL. He said that 31% of Czech businesses employ even more foreigners than Czechs. On average, firms provide services in eight languages, but overall 29 languages are spoken in the industry.

A full 39% of Czech businesses provide services worldwide, 91% within Western Europe and 29% of centres also serve Asian countries, which is one of the consequences of the pandemic, as local companies were unable to ensure smooth operations during the restrictions.

This text has been previously published on Brno Daily.


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