Salaries in the Czech Republic by Regions, Sectors, and Jobs in 2017

This is a general overview of salary levels in the Czech Republic. Find here a comparison of selected jobs and wages in Prague and Brno.

CZK 29.320 (EUR 1.096) – the average monthly salary in the Czech Republic reached its all time high in the last quarter of 2016 according to the latest data released by Czech Statistical Office. The nominal average salary in the Czech Republic jumped 4.2% last year. The continuous growth of salaries in the Czech Republic is an accepted fact and the upturn is expected to continue in 2017.

The upward trend applied to the salaries across the economy; for example, the wages of high skilled employees as from the beginning of 2016 increased in average by CZK 1.200 (EUR 44,41) per month. The fastest growth in 2016 marked the sectors hospitality and restaurants. The highest salaries in 2016 saw IT professionals, bankers, and engineers. Top executives in large companies found on average EUR 7.661 in their pockets each month while starting salaries at entry-level jobs for university graduates in Prague and Brno began between EUR 750 and EUR 850. The fast growth of the Czech salaries has been accelerated by well-being of the Czech economy and high demand for workforce accompanied by historically lowest levels of unemployment, currently at 4.8% (III/2017).

In EU perspective the Czech salaries appear low – the average EU citizen had EUR 3.000 on his pay slip every month of the last year (Eurostat 2016). Czech Statistical Office reports that 2/3 of Czech employees did’t reach EUR 1.096 of the average salary. Eighty percent of Czech employees earned wages within the interval from CZK 11.657 (EUR 431) to CZK 47.545 (EUR 1.759) in 2016. Read our previous article Why Are the Czech Salaries So Low? to discover the reasons.

Overview: Salary Levels for Selected Jobs in Prague and Brno in 2017

How much salary can you expect when you are about to start working in the Czech Republic? How does your salary compare? What is the top salary in your field? We prepared a comparison of salaries in Prague and Brno to help you find the answers. The salaries marked as minimum present the most common entry-level or lowest offered salaries in Euro per month. Column maximum reflects candidate’s skills and experience in the field as well as the employers’ willingness to pay.


ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Technical Support Executives 2616 3737 1,868 2,990
Technical Support Team Leaders 1868 2616 1495 1868
Programmers 1601 1868 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1158 1442 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Product Support Analysts 1308 1868 1121 1495
Helpdesk/IT Support with additional language (other than Czech or English) 1308 1495 934 1233
Helpdesk/IT Support 1121 1495 934 1121



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Telesales Executives 2242 2990 1868 2990
Sales Team Leaders 1495 2242 1308 1682
Telesales Representatives with additional language (other than Czech or English) 1121 1868 934 1682
Telesales Representatives 1121 1682 934 1308
Back Office Specialists 1009 1196 747 934



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Customer Service Representatives with additional language (other than Czech or English) 1308 1420 1046 1308
Customer Service Representatives 1121 1308 1046 1308



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Finance Executives 2616 4484 2242 3737
AR Team Leaders 1495 1868 1308 1868
Financial Analysts 1495 2242 1308 1868
VAT Accountants 1495 1868 1121 1682
AR Specialists 1046 1495 934 1308
Intercompany Accountants 1308 1495 934 1121
Junior Financial Analysts 1308 1868 710 1121



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
HR Directors 4484 5605 2990 5605
HR Executives 2616 3737 2242 3737
Recruitment Executives 1868 2616 1868 2429
HR Team Leader 1495 2242 1495 2055
Recruitment Specialists 1308 1868 1308 1682
Compensation & Benefits Specialists 1308 1868 1121 1495
HR Administrators 1009 1308 822 1121



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Specialized Doctors 1539 1772 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1539 1772 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Nurses 892 923 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 768 773 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
College and University Teachers 1052 1287 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 839 980 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Kindergarten, Elementary School Teachers – Public Sector (personal bonuses not included – can be up to 50% of salary) 645 1305 645 1305



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Procurement Executives (Administration) 2616 3363 1868 2990
Procurement Specialists (Administration) 1495 2242 1121 1420
Logistics Experts 1543 1555 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 950 1053 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Logistics Planners 1308 1682 1121 1308
Logistics Administrators 1121 1308 822 1046
Buyers with additional language (other than Czech or English) 1308 1682 1121 1308
Buyers 1121 1495 859 1495



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Company Lawyers 1679 1936 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1150 1263 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)


ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Marketing Executives 1711 2042 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1337 1581 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Marketing Analysts 1400 1677 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1196 1252 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Marketing Specialists 1242 1352 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 953 1060 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Social Media Specialists 1088 1167 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 895 1082 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Editors, Journalists 988 1162 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 968 (Average Salary for Brno City)



ROLE Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month Min EUR / Month Max EUR / Month
Electrical Engineers 1402 1586 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1356 1411 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Civil Engineers 1232 1317 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1128 1156 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)
Construction Engineers 974 1030 (3-5 Years of Work Experience) 1042 1340 (3-5 Years of Work Experience)


Notes: Exchange rate by Czech National Bank; verified 26-04-2017. 1 EUR = CZK 26.76. The salaries in the table above are gross salaries – the income tax and other contributions are not deducted.

Maximum salary level is based on data from ABSL Report prepared by the Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL), CzechInvest, Deloitte, Grafton Recruitment, and Jones Lang LaSalle.

Some positions have data for wages for candidates with 3-5 years of work experience in the field in brackets based on employees’ on-line research provided by Czech portal

Highest Salaries in Prague and South Moravia, Lowest in Pardubice and Karlovy Vary

The average salary in the Czech Republic in 2016 was CZK 27.589 (EUR 1.031) and median salary reached CZK 25.061 (EUR 937). As in any other country, in the Czech Republic there are regional variations and the average monthly wage differs depending on a region you live in. According to Czech Average Earnings Information System (ISPV), the areas with the highest salary levels in the Czech Republic are Prague, Central Bohemia, and South Moravia (Brno).

On the contrary, the areas with the lowest salary levels are Pardubice and Karlovy Vary. The salary levels in the rest of the Czech Republic range from from CZK 25.031 (EUR 926) to CZK 27.303 (EUR 1.010).

Data by Czech Average Earnings Information System (ISPV), 2017.

In 2016, the average salary increment in the Czech Republic was 4.2% meanwhile consumer prices grew by 0.7% and thus, the Czech wages increased by mere 3.5% in real terms. Speaking about real monthly average salaries, neighboring Slovakia and Poland marked faster growth of salaries in the same period than the Czech Republic – the wages in Slovakia grew by 3.8%, in Poland by 4.5% in real terms.

Trend of Growth in Salaries Across the Sectors

During the last year, an upward trend was observed in salary levels in a few sectors. It’s important to highlight that the fastest growth of salaries was in the public sector – all those working for the Czech state earned more compared to the previous years. According to Czech Statistical Office, the average gross wage per employee in the business sector amounted to CZK 28.833 (EUR 1.067), while in the non-business (public) sector the average gross wage amounted to CZK 31.548 (EUR 1.167) last year.

The highest salary levels, without doubt, took place in the IT sector as during 2016 the average salary reached CZK 50.951 (EUR 1.885). The candidates with 5 years of experience can ask for up to 80-110 thousands of crowns (around EUR 3.000-3.700). The highest year on year growth of wages was marked in the sector of Education (+9%).

Grafton reports that candidates speaking other foreign languages, not only English, receive higher remuneration. This applies especially for German, Nordic, Dutch or less common languages.

Within the various processes served by international business services centers in Prague and Brno, it is General Ledger and Supply Chain Management in the area of purchasing that are rewarded with the best salaries.

Gender Pay Gap in 2017

Last but not least, a significant difference was reported between the salary levels for male and female workers in the Czech Republic.

The median wage for male workers reached CZK 27.372 (EUR 1.013) while the median for female workers was mere CZK 22.426 (EUR 829) in 2016.

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