September 2020: Facemasks To Be Mandatory Again in Public Indoor Spaces, Event Capacity To Remain Unchanged

From September 1st, people in the Czech Republic will have to wear facemasks again in most public indoor areas and on public transport. Yesterday, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said this is a preventive measure, as he is expecting a difficult autumn ahead with higher levels of social interactions. Photo: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Article prepared by Tessa Adamson

Czech Rep., Aug 18 (JS) – The facemasks will be mandatory on public transport, including intercity and long-distance routes, shops, public offices, post offices and indoor events, regardless of the number of participants. The measure will also apply to common areas in schools, but not to individual classrooms, similar to the measures in place in the spring in the first phase of the coronavirus crisis. However, the measure will not apply to offices, other workplaces, or restaurants. There will also be a list of exceptions to the facemask requirement, which is still being finalised and should be published later this week.

Event Capacity To Remain Unchanged

The Czech Health Minister added that the return of obligatory facemasks does not change the standing measure of the maximum capacity for events, set at 500 people indoors, and 1,000 at outdoor events. Both of these limits include the possibility of creating up to five separate sectors at the same event with the given participant capacity. In theaters and other auditoriums with permanent seating, it will not be necessary to leave every second seat unoccupied from September, said Vojtech. Facemasks, however, will be mandatory.

Autumn 2020 Jobspin Multlingual Job Fairs and Anti-Covid Measures

Autumn 2020 Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs are scheduled to take place on October 24th in Brno and on November 21th in Prague. Jobspin Job Fair event standards will comply with the current governmental measures. At the moment, the capacity is limited to 500 people simultaneously present at the venue and the facemasks are mandatory in the indoor premises.