Land Your Next Job at the Virtual Job Fairs

Join the biggest online career expo in the Czech Republic this autumn – November’s Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic. Talk to HR managers and team leaders – real people will respond to your questions. Title image: Freepik.

Article prepared for Jobspin

Czech Rep., Oct 27 (JS) – The coronavirus pandemic has been disrupting every sphere of human society, transforming our conventional ways of doing things – including the way we look for jobs.

Job fairs, meant to help job seekers prepare for and find new job opportunities, have moved to the online environment. Countless job fairs are taking place virtually due to the restrictions brought upon us by the pandemic. According to CNBC business news, career experts claim that about 80% of recruiting will be carried out online in the future.

Jobspin, a Czech-based company that specializes in connecting jobseekers with global minds and fluent English with their next career milestones, is organising the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic in November, which will bring you closer to your next job.

To ensure a job fair works for them, job seekers need to make a lasting impression in the minds of the recruiting manager, which can be accomplished by researching about the company beforehand, having sharp communication skills, double-checking the technical set-up prior to the event (Internet connection, camera and microphone), and making sure you connect from a calm and preferably silent environment, as you will be meeting your potential managers and coworkers in person.

The other “must-dos” before attending a virtual event include preparation of a good resume (possibly several versions, highlighting different work experience and interests) and choosing the right wardrobe. Even if the hiring managers will see only the upper part of your body on the screen, candidates should be sure to keep their appearance smart and professional.

Virtual fairs benefit both job seekers and recruiting managers by engaging a large number of participants. Preparing for your next career from the comfort of your home is also cost-efficient for both employers and candidates.

Prepare to attend the three-day Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic on November 25th-27th. The event is entirely free and brings you face-to-face with recruiters, HR managers and team leaders who want to talk with you, and hundreds of job vacancies suitable for internationally-minded professionals.

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