Expats Constitute 15% of Czech Labor Market, Largely Working In Administration

The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) published the current employment structure of the Czech Republic. The data shows that foreigners make up approximately 15% of the workforce with more than 600.000 registered foreign employees. The number of foreign employees decreased in the last year as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, yet not significantly. Photo credit: Freepik / for illustrative purposes.

Written by Melis Karabulut, edited for Jobspin.

Czech Rep., Jan 27 (JS) – The Czech Statistical Office published the current employment structure of the Czech Republic on January 26th. The data shows that the Czech labor market depends on approximately 602,500 foreign workers in its workforce. A big part of the foreign employees works in administration, customer support service, manufacturing, and construction industries.

From 2010 to 2019, the proportion of foreigners in the Czech labor market has grown steadily, though the Czech Republic is still below the European Union average in this regard.

The number of foreigners with temporary or permanent residence increased significantly until 2019, with the largest national groups of 145,000 Ukrainians, 121,000 Slovaks and 62,000 Vietnamese representing 55.3% of the total, according to Marek Rojíček, Chairman of the Czech Statistical Office. Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian citizens are the next largest groups.

“Without foreigners, employment in the Czech Republic would not have grown at all in recent years. The share of foreigners in the total number of workers increased from 5.5% in 2010 to 14.7% in 2019,” said Dalibor Holý, Director of Labor Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics at CZSO. With the global COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the number of foreign employees has dropped, though not drastically. “In the first half of 2020, the share of foreigners decreased by 1.4%,” added Holý.

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