Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs To Return In 2020, Ready To Showcase Hundreds of Exciting Job Opportunities To Expats

Spring and Autumn in Prague and Brno are exciting times full of fresh new possibilities for your career. If you are ready to go through a series of mini-interviews to find the company with the business culture and attitude you like, then these fairs are for you! The Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs are the biggest career fairs for expatriate and bilingual job seekers in the Czech Republic. Photo: CV Consulting Panel of Manpower Group at Jobspin Job Fair Prague on November 23rd, 2019. Credit: Jobspin.

Czech Rep., Jan 21 (JS) – Jobspin Job Fairs create an ideal environment where international job seekers can easily meet representatives of various companies in the same place and ask any questions they have. “Their CV is actually the only thing visitors really need to bring. It’s a good idea to have more copies with their contact details included, so that they can leave them with the recruiters,” said Eduard Soukup from employment agency Grafton Recruitment.

CV Consulting Panel of Grafton Recruitment in Brno. Jobspin Job Fair Brno Oct 2019. Credit: Jobspin.

From the other side, participating in career fairs offers representatives from employers a simple way to engage naturally with a diverse talent pool, and quickly screen potential candidates for open vacancies and positions they may have in the future.

What Makes Jobspin Job Fairs Popular Among Expats and Employers

Career fairs are an excellent way to boost your job search. “It’s a great chance for people to step out of the online environment, and have face-to-face meetings with the people you might potentially be spending eight hours a day with. You can get a direct experience to choose what’s best for you,” explained Katerina Kukrechtova from the Jobspin organising team.

Johnson & Johnson at Jobspin Job Fair Prague, Nov 2019. You can meet their team again at Jobspin Job Fair in Prague on April 4, 2020. Credit: Jobspin.

The Jobspin Job Fairs, now in their 14th and 15th editions, have maintained their popularity, and are in fact growing in attendance each time. Kukrechtova explained why: “Jobspin Job Fairs attract jobseekers and employers because they are very specific, exclusively targeting expats who can speak English and want to find a job in the Czech Republic, and the companies that are seeking internationally-minded employees. The second thing is that we always try to take a personal approach to both employers and visitors. Good communication is crucial to us and we believe it makes people feel relaxed at such a demanding event.” The job fairs usually welcome from 500 to 1,000 visitors in one day, depending on the city.

What’s New In The Jobspin Job Fairs in 2020?

“Thanks to the amazing feedback we received from both the exhibitors and visitors at the previous editions of the Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair, we have been able to improve the structure of future events,” said Angelo Casadei, one of the organizers of Jobspin. Visitors will be able to pre-register online (free of charge) for the extensive presentation and workshop program hosted by the exhibiting companies and experts.

“Good communication is crucial to us and we believe it makes people feel relaxed at such a demanding event.” Photo: Jobspin Job Fair Prague, Nov 2019. Credit: Jobspin.

“Another new service we now offer is a special part of the program specifically tailored for HR professionals, to keep them updated on the newest changes to the employment process for foreigners, visa laws, the psychological aspects of working in a foreign country, managing intercultural teams, common concerns among both employees and employers, and other useful topics,” added Casadei.

Infosys and Lufthansa InTouch will be the main partners of the spring edition of Jobspin Job Fair in Brno in 2020. Photo: Infosys at Jobspin Job Fair Brno, Oct 2019. Credit: Jobspin.

Save The Dates For The 2020 Job Fairs

The last two events saw a huge increase in turnout – more than 500 visitors in Brno and over 700 in Prague. The schedule for the Jobspin Job Fairs in 2020 is:

And, as always, the job fairs are FREE to attend for all expatriate and bilingual job seekers.

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