Find A Job As An Expat In The Czech Republic

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This article will give you an overview of how to find a job in the Czech Republic, and what the most effective methods are to use for your job hunt.

Job Fairs for Expats and Bilingual Speakers in the Czech Republic

Nowadays, employers are looking for a more personal approach to make contact with potential candidates, and a job fair is a great way both for companies and candidates to get to know each other better. 

Attending job fairs can be the most effective method, as you have a chance to present yourself personally to potential employers face-to-face and get an immediate response to your job application. If you are not afraid to stand out of the crowd and showcase your skills, then a job fair is a great way to find your perfect job. 

If you are looking for upcoming job fairs, Jobspin is frequently organizing job fairs for foreigners and bilingual speakers in Prague and Brno.

Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair in Prague in 2018. Photo: AC / Jobspin.

Recruitment Agencies 

Submitting your CV to recruitment agencies is the traditional job-hunting technique, but one of the most effective. As almost everything is now getting digitized, there are recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic that offer their services online. You just need to upload your CV and the system will find opportunities for you!

These recruitment agencies provide recruitment consultant services also online. 

Social Media Networking

Like other countries, in the Czech Republic you can also use social media platforms where you can set your priorities and continue your search for a perfect job. 

Many international corporations advertise their jobs on Facebook, as it is currently the social media platform with the most engagements. You can look for available opportunities near you in the JOBS tab on Facebook. 

There are also several Facebook groups dedicated to job seekers which can be very useful for the job search. Some of the most popular groups for foreigners are:

Apart from these groups, there are groups dedicated to specific cities or for bilingual jobseekers, such as:

Join any of these groups to increase your chances of finding a suitable job!

Jobs Search Websites

There are numerous conventional job websites in the Czech Republic used by employers throughout the country to advertise vacancies. Some websites might not be available in English, but you can find English-speaking and other language jobs using search keywords and filters. Some popular platforms include:

  • (only English-friendly jobs)
  • and (largest Czech job boards, job ads are available mostly in Czech or with the requirement of the Czech language, but there are also many English-friendly jobs)
  • (available in Czech and English)

Company Websites

There are plenty of international companies operating in the Czech Republic, offering positions in almost every field. If you are looking for a job in a specific company, you can visit the career section of their website directly. 

Some companies may not have their careers section in English, but jobs which require English speakers should always have the title and job description in English, and the same situation also applies to other languages. 

Immigration Consultancy Services

Finding a perfect job is important, but legalising your stay in the Czech Republic is also crucial. Sometimes, visa procedures can be complex and time-consuming, and you may therefore need some assistance to carry out the whole process simpler and faster. 

Move To Prague Relocation Experts have an office in Ječná street near Prague city centre. Photo: KK / Jobspin.

There are several consultancy agencies that provide assistance with the visa process. MovetoPrague and are some of the best immigration consultancies in the Czech Republic, and can provide you with all the information that you need to know regarding visa and residence permit procedures.

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